Video: A massive highway sign falls and crushes a car, but the driver survives


I was thinking of that as well and actually started pulling up the lyrics. That piece makes a killer argument with All That She Wants… I got to wondering, what if “The Sign” is a swastika?




The Go-Gos are still safe to listen to, right? RIGHT!?


Yes, but they started out as a punk band, FYI (which some would clutch pearls over, not you, of course). That movie Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains, were (supposedly) based on the Go-gos, sort of.

Black Randy and the Metro Squad make a brief appearance…


Thanks, that’s a movie I’d vaguely heard of but never seen; that’s going on my watch list.
(Plus Jane Wiedlin was in Bill & Ted’ :grin:)


Why have I not heard of this?! I was just thinking about “Breaking Glass” the other day. I guess now I’m going to have a library network search for two obscure movies.


My first thought was wind, but the Time article says not.


I may not be religious, but I’m certain this was a sign from above.


To be fair, the sign thought it saw a Mitsubishi Spyder and freaked out.


It’s good. Diane Lane and Laura Dern are both in it, AND Black Randy (but only for like a minute)!!!


It was cut loose by a drop bear.


That video is exactly what a lawsuit looks like before any filing actually happens.

Yes but in this case you are fighting the state government. The relevant authority (Vic Roads) is well protected by attack dog lawyers and state legislation. There will be a small settlement. Vicroads have been sued for extreme stupidity before. They lost, but they didn’t lose much.


Yeah if this is the eastbound side, then its on my preferred route from tulla to brunswick.


Or would it be TransUrban? Either way I’m sure they have some lawyers handy


Yeah I thought this was on the ring road but its actually the Tulla inbound before Bulla road. This bit was all refactored over the last year so its brand new.

Still VicRoads I think.

edit s/outbound/inbound


In AU, don’t they pass the liability down to the contractor level? Wouldn’t the gov (or whatever entity let out the contract) look to the contractor(s) to pony up?


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