Watch: Drivers try to warn truck that bucket is up, then truck takes down entire highway sign

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Christ, what a Dumbass.


Yes, he should have turned his phone sideways so we could see what all the fuss was about.


This is just me, but I probably would have stayed in front of the truck rather than backed off behind it.


Yes, some times its better to stay ahead of the idiot or waaaay behind.


A guy did this driving into a tunnel in Sydney a few years back. Caused quite a mess as I recall. But he learnt his lesson and now holds his phone sideways when shooting video. There was also an incident when a tip-truck drove into the same tunnel with its bed raised. That caused quite a mess, too.


His method of “warning” the dump truck driver that the bed was up was pathetic: first he zooms past the truck instead of matching speeds then gesticulates through a half-closed window like someone with an arm spasm. Sheesh.


And then drives off without seeing if the driver needs help.


maybe they should have mooned 'em

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I’ve seen a few videos of dump trucks with the bed raised, saw one where they took out some highway signs and one where they slammed into an overpass. It’s really scary, if i saw that on the road i would try to pass the truck and get the hell away

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Suicide by signpost?


Seriously, that driver may well have been killed right there.

The smartypants behind him, not realizing the sign would come down also almost bit it just there.

About two years ago a local concrete company had this very thing happen, Their crane arm was up on a flatbed and hooked an overpass, lifting the windshield of the truck, and the cabin, off the ground and directly into the bridge. Died instantly. Company closed about 6 months later.

If you ever see this, DO SOMETHING MORE THAN VIDEO IT.

Biggest problem with cell phone cameras - people not calling the cops so they can get “the shot”.

and hold the phone sideways.


Considering lives were in danger, just waving at the driver really isn’t enough, you need to pull in front of him and slow down or something. Of course it’s easier said than done, I probably wouldn’t have the balls to do that myself.


I’ve pulled up along side a couple of trucks to let them know one of their trailer wheels had caught fire, nothing like this though. I’d totally have just got in front of him and put my hazards on and slowed it all down. If you pull alongside and point up, they get it. They really do. Driving those rigs is a hard job.

Now, why those trailers even CAN move at highways speeds with the bed up is beyond me. Engineering controls for something like that aren’t rocket science. A loud bell that dings every half revolution of one of the rear wheels would work fine ffs, and still allow them to dump on the (slow) move.


What gesture would you recommend? Tipping the forearm up and down at the elbow comes to mind, but for the truck driver to see this, looking down from a semi truck cab into a pickup’s cab… I don’t know if that would be very clear.

Considering how frequent signs are on highways like the one in the video, I can’t imagine they had too much time to come up with a plan.


point up.

They have an UP <—> DOWN lever right there. And it’s not set to DOWN. Keep it simple!


Certainly a reasonable option. Speaking for myself, if I saw another driver pointing “UP”, I think I’d probably look up at the sky, or try to look up and over to see if there was something on top of my cab… that might cause me to catch a glimpse of the bucket, though!


We don’t teach our kids the universal sign for “Don’t be a stupid motherfu*ker, your dump bed is up!” anymore. Sad.


“Okay, kids, today it’s time to learn the universal sign for ‘Don’t be a stupid motherfu*ker, your dump bed is up!’” begins gesticulating arms wildly in front of class