Raised semi truck container erupts in spectacular bridge strike


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/04/05/raised-semi-truck-container-er.html


Apart from apparently endorsing the distracted driving, this also features the even more serious crime of vertical-format video.


Yes. This video should have been shot at approximately 30 degrees.


How in the hell do truck drivers not realize the back lift is up?! You’d think the drag would be a tip off. Or looking in he rear view mirror?!?


Man that infrastructure is just falling apart.


More like exploding


Wow, I would not have been following that close to such a disaster waiting to happen. Even in what looks like a parallel on ramp access road, the material clearly makes it into the driver’s lane.


Wheat, or rice maybe?


I fancy only some truck manufacturers have larger gate valves to allow
quick digress… forward


Yeah, I would think that too. That it would be pulling you left or right, not behaving normal… like that time I pulled away with the parking brake on…


Canada, so wheat most likely. Rice… come on man. You need to step up your grain game, man…


It’s Canola seed according to local news.


If i so much as drive 5 yards without my seatbelt an irritating alarm sounds until I concede defeat and plug it in.

Is there not some deafening claxon for more mega-death-riskalicious things like driving around with your trailer raised?


They need to seriously idiot-proof this rig with something that keeps it from moving at even regular traffic speeds if the bed is up like that. Why driving at highway speeds would be at all possible with this setup is a huge mystery, as this should just not be possible (I know there’s got to be workarounds, but you don’t tend to need to protect knowledgeable people from themselves). Other people/drivers need to be protected from the kind of moron who would drive this on the highway, not feel the drag, and endanger others. I’m guessing there’s a potential lawsuit vs. the manufacturer of the rig if it’s possible to drive on the highway like this without hacking it.


A guy drove a raised tray into a tunnel in Sydney a few years back. Caused a hell of a mess. Yep, seems like something that should never happen. We all now have interlocks that stop us removing the keys if our cars aren’t in park. An interlock that disables all but 1st and reverse with the tray not locked down seems so obvious to me.


Challenge accepted!

Properly named rape, until recently.

“it’s a heave-ho, high-ho, coming down the Plains
Stealing wheat and barley and all the other grains
And it’s a ho-hey, high-hey, farmers bar your doors
When you see the Jolly Roger on Regina’s mighty shores!”


OK Canola, fair enough. Though Canada is the 6th largest producer of wheat, growing 25 million tonnes.

Canada does grow SOME rice, and there is a wild “rice” (technically a grass) native to Canada, but it is minuscule compared to wheat. OR canola, which they grow 9 million tonnes.


So, the reason why the truck is permitted to roll forward with the dump bin raised is so that the bin can be emptied. I’m not certain if there’s a signal line from the trailer to the tractor, but the driver should have checked. it’s certainly the driver’s fault.


Keep in mind, the semi-trailer is a different vehicle than the truck. In many cases it isn’t owned by the same people. So this would have to be standardized across all makes and models of trucks for this to work. Not impossible, the 5th wheel and the brakes are standardized and interchangeable, but something that would take a decade to achieve after deciding to do it.

Good point. I suppose an interlock would instead prevent the truck from getting out of first or second gear.


Or an audible alert/dummy light if you exceed 10mph with the bin raised.