Truck crashes at the 11foot8 bridge and then hits a car

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Texting while driving kills.


That car had a lot of warning that the truck was backing up and he’s back where the truck can’t see him. I’m not sure what they were expecting. The truck wasn’t even moving that fast. There is like zero situational awareness all around in this clip.

The truck was really close too. A little more load in the back or let some air out of the tires and he could have squeezed by.


Howard’s Building Supply is gonna have some hefty bills to pay.


You said a car was hit, but it was only an SUV. Whew.


Looks like the Americans are the most passive apes in the universe: 139 crashes since what, 11 years or more? Still no action taken to dig a descent high enough under-passage…
Well, maybe it’s better that FukkerTrump builds a wall;: we all get protected from those idiots!


If you go to the website it describes in detail why they can’t lower the roadway or raise the bridge in a cost-effective manner.

But by all means blame the bridge or the city and not the morons who keep driving into it despite multiple warning signs.


It’s not just the US of A:

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That’s a whole lot of asshats changing lanes in an intersection.
They even do a bit of a weave so that a lane can be taken no matter
which way an asshat is going.


That SUV guy following the truck was kind of stupid as well. He had plenty of time to back up when he saw that truck driving foolishly at him.

Is North Carolina a “Stand your ground” state? As a bicyclist, its pretty clear that vehicle owners have a over bearing belief in their ownership of the right of way.


The only way this bridge gets fixed is if some horrible accident takes out the bridge for a long time… And to do that, you’re going to have to take the “crash bar” out first, before detonating the second charge…

The alternative is to take out the railway above the bridge.

Traffic was still passing the SUV on the right, and cars were bunching up behind the SUV. He gets hit twice and still when the SUV driver backs up you can hear the cars behind him honking. Probably he should have turned left onto Main to escape, but the whole situation was so surreal it would be hard to know the right course of action.

The real question is what kind of truck driver crashes into a bridge, then reverses into oncoming traffic in the middle of an intersection, crashing into someone else not once but twice.


Seems to me all the truck hits over the years is going to make that bridge unsafe for train travel. Probably cheaper to set up a stronger alarm system, maybe based upon lasers or something.

Maybe some kind of airbag could be triggered that would block said truck without damaging that truck. Then force the truck driver to reset that airbag for the next fool.

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that’s what the crash beam is for. It kills trucks before they can harm the oh so precious railway infrastructure.


Didn’t you mean to post this here:


There’s “The Canopener” at University of Louisville. It’s got it’s own subreddit:


perhaps lasers to shoot out the truck tires?


They were probably expecting the truck driver to:

  1. Pay attention to the signs
  2. Not reverse into traffic
  3. Watch his mirrors

Please don’t blame the victim. This was 100% the truck driver’s fault.


At SOME point the cost of all the accidents must be greater than the cost of increasing the bridge clearance, I just wonder what the magic number will be. More than “139” I guess.

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Longview, TX - Green Street Bridge -
messing up trucker’s days since the late 60s

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