Compilation video of things that fit perfectly


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Truck crashes at the 11foot8 bridge and then hits a car

Summa those by design, yo.

But did anyone see what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue:


The sportscar enjoyed it so much, it came around for a second pass.


Ignoring the fact that a bunch of those are just good industrial design, is this some sort of fetish or something?


The evo-psych thesis writes itself…


I suppose the tumblr has been supplanted, then.


Uwatchable. TYFPS.


Given the title, I’m surprised it survived tumblr’s new porn filter.


yeah, i don’t get it. many of these are because humans planned and designed them that way. others are just luck/coincidence, so… shrug.



You thought you’d have your fun, but answer me this: how can anything fit perfectly when you’re filming the goddamned thing in FUCKING PORTRAIT MODE!?!?!??


A really evil car park would have the exit barrier lower than the entrance barrier.


Some of these people might not think they were so clever once their house settles a little bit.


Isn’t everything?


I have zero tolerance for this kind of thing.


Worst: around 6:20. I don’t even.


I had an avacado pit fit perfectly in an egg shell once and it made me so happy.


ISO and DIN are only noticed when they suddenly are not followed by something which you are used to.

Take a flight of stairs. DIN EN ISO 14122-3. A fucking nuisance if not followed.


Surely the Mother Of All Video of things that fit perfectly…


Well played.


Extremely kentucky.