Delightfully frustrating household items


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These seem perfect for the BoingBoing Store.


I love all of these.


The bowl with the hole doesn’t belong there either. I could totally use that for dishes that needs drainage to avoid sogginess.


Anyone else remember “The Chalice”?


I thought I’d seen these on BoingBoing before, but alas, cannot locate the post.

But they’ve definitely been around for a while. The artist is Katerina Kamprani .


That wine glass isn’t stopping me at all.


Yeah, I thought, “I can work with that.”

Also: concrete umbrella sounds like some sort of gangster euphemism.


It might be because we’re putting a new bathroom in, but I looked at that and immediately thought “soap dish”.


I admit that everything along the line from the packaging to the picking up & putting it in my mouth would be tricky (although the last would be helped by chopsticks), but that does look like the perfect oreo.

Edited for want of a space.


fur-covered plate = cat bed.

And yeah, re: reverse oreo: I’d eat that.


Don Norman’s teapot collection:


You know I recently bought a lock for my shed. I didn’t realize it at the time but the whole lock bottom comes off, leaving just the U shaped metal part. So when you need to lock it, you just slide it back on, instead of swiveling the U over and into the lock. But then the other day I noticed I put it in upside down with locking bit facing up and no way to unlock it. (Because you just can’t get it in from the top, I tried bending the key so I could get it in, and now have a broken key).

So now I have to cut it off with a dremel, as there is no other other way.
And I thought what a stupid design. Did they not think of that happening?

(I guess a photo would be more descriptive but it is just like any of those above).


Finally something on Boing Boing that I can understand


everyone one of these is awesome!


That sloping chair, reminds me of something a one of my Dad’s co-workers said about his experience of working in a large plant in Germany. I guess the company decided people were spending too much time during their toilet breaks sitting on the can, so they designed the toilets with an uncomfortable slope. So you could go, but not really want to sit on the throne for very long.


Some fast food restaurant booths and stools are also designed to be less than comfortable, so you’ll eat and leave rather then hang around and use up one of the valuable tables.


Meret Oppenheim was here.


The design gallery of Bloody Stupid Johnson (extra points if you get the reference.)


it would only stop Lenny