If you like 11Foot8 bridge, you'll love 10Foot6 bridge

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Scooten Frooty Goodness.

I liked some of the plot twists in this one.

Firetruck. Smalls cars hitting the curb flying into other lane. RIP Lobsters


While it doesn’t surprise me the truck drivers forget they are driving something that tall, it does amaze me none of the cars following them even seem to think about the tall truck through the low bridge coming up…


Drive safely.


Having driven trucks this size a few times, I distinctly remember warnings about truck height - either sticker or placard - in the cab section of the truck.
Perhaps these guys rent so often they simply didn’t pay attention anymore?


It appears that there is appropriate signage, what is wrong with these people?

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Trained volunteer fireman here. My chiefs would not be pleased if I rolled up to a fire and hung around with my hands in my pockets like that. I really wonder what there is to this story that we can’t see which could explain their behavior.

Normally it works like this: Chief at the scene checks for safety, in this case by asking the driver if there is hazmat. The fire fighters arrived with their breathing apparatus (not to mention their COATS!!) already on their shoulders – they are built into the rear seats. While the chief is inspecting the scene, someone hooks up the truck. A truck can empty itself in 2 minutes flat at full speed. If water’s going out the hoses, the truck is almost always filling from a hydrant. The minute the chief determines it is safe to attack the fire, one firefighter moves forward with the quick attack hose, while another might be setting up a second hose (a certainty with the size of this fire).

We are trained to work safely, then save other people’s lives, then save property and the environment. In that order, but we do not hold back or slow down until ALL the goals are accomplished. At first I thought, “oh, they are going slow because the truck is already lost”, but then I considered the unknown to them damage to the bridge. My chief would not have let us work slowly until the bridge was protected from that fire.




Yeah, I definitely didn’t expect the firetruck!


Is it me or is it weird that all these trucks seem to be driving around mostly empty?


Or the Spanish Inquisition.


The “low clearance” signs on this bridge are so dainty and cute. I would have expected some trucking company lawyers to have forced the town to erect those big flashing lights as seen on 11foot8 bridge.


Unlike Durham’s 11foot8 canopener bridge (where trucks have a valid reason to go up to the intersection and turn to make deliveries), this one could definitely use some “IF YOU HIT THIS SIGN, YOU WILL HIT THAT BRIDGE” signs at the appropriate height.

Complication: two-way traffic, and an intersection on the other side for the trucks going the other way.

Back to Durham, the new warning system there has reduced the frequency of canopeners, but it has not completely eliminated them.

Davenport, Iowa also has an 11foot8 truck-eater, but nobody has put up webcams there as far as I know. Also, in Chicago’s south suburbs, there are many viaducts under the (former) Illinois Central tracks that bear the scars of overheight truck hits.


I could watch videos like this all day. Like all good internet dashcam videos, the reason why these videos work is because of the anticipation of the inevitable carnage. You see the truck. You see the bridge. You know what’s going to happen. And the spice is when they throw in a couple of shots where the cars hit the curb, which you’re not expecting at all.


park gently even if it’s not that square

The music is perfect too. A more amateur editor would have gone with Yakity Sax, which would be lazily obvious.


Agreed, these videos are like crack. I like these better than dashcam videos because it seems less likely that anyone gets hurt in these.


A stop sign right at the bridge could reduce the speed of inevitable collisions.

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people are dumb, obvs, so why have they not accommodated what is obviously a societal condition?

Can a civil engineer or whomever tell me if lowering the roadway would be that challenging?

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I noticed most of the cars were following way too closely…they deserve whatever collateral damage they received.

Tailgaters piss me off!


Can we give a shout out to the people who built this bridge? That thing is (literally) bomb-proof! Crumbling infrastructure my ass. USA! USA! USA!