Video: A massive highway sign falls and crushes a car, but the driver survives


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Freeway sign crushes car in terrifying dashcam footage

Oh god, I saw “Cob” on the sign and for half a second thought it was ATL…


Bad as it was, slightly later and it might have guillotined her.


It is amazing how much mass is required to make a sign big enough to easily read. Roadside billboards are typically 15 or 20 feet high, and look absolutely overwhelming if you ever have the opportunity to be on the catwalk in front of one.

Have to wonder if digital navigation systems might someday eliminate the need for these big signs.


That video is exactly what a lawsuit looks like before any filing actually happens.


Shouldn’t the title read “gentleman sign falls and crushes a car”? :wink:


Seems preventable in hindsight.


Sorry, I’m confused here. ATL?


Atlanta (ATL is the airport designation and how many people refer to the city itself)… for half a second I thought the sign said Cobb, as in cobb county, one of our metro counties… We have horrible traffic and pretty touch and go infrastructure. It wasn’t too long ago that a section of one of the major highways collapsed after there was a fire set underneath it.

but it’s in Melbourne!


Thanks. Yeah, I live in Coburg and have probably driven under that sign. Yikes!


Scary! I’m glad that you didn’t get smooshed or get your car smooshed!


I hate it when that happens!


Ah, 'Straya. Where even random signs try to kill you! :skull_and_crossbones:


If she’d been speeding, even slightly, she would’ve paid the iron price.


I’d like to commend the driver’s skills: she wrenches the car leftwards after the sign topples initially, and I’m sure this saved her life as the heavy beam now crushes the passenger side of her car instead of her own side.


Which side do you think is the passenger side in Australia?


The middle? :wink:


I’m wondering what type of vehicle she was driving (yeah, I know, lowered). Looks like a Subaru Forester to me but so many vehicles seem nearly identical today so you have to read the nameplate to tell one from another.


Or opened up her mind?


Off topic, but…