Video: cliffside apartment buildings near San Francisco are about to fall

Next stop Annandale.


Only because it blew up at the end of every episode. No one wants to move into that kind of neighborhood. Oh wait, that was 2021. Never mind.


The post said:

The apartments at 310, 320, and 330 Esplanade in Pacifica, California are literally hanging over the edge of a cliff. Rain, storms, and rising ocean levels are steadily eroding the sandy bluffs on which the apartments are built. After the El Nino storms of 2009 and 2010, tons of rock were piled on the beach and the cliffs were covered with fiber-reinforced concrete, but the erosion-prevention measures have failed in the recent storms.

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It’s tough to tell from the old grainy satellite pictures, but by 2000 it looks like they were as close to the ledge as they were 15 years later.


The walkway meandered near the cliff’s edge. The buildings were not that close to the cliff, but that was 1988-90. The sad thing is that people are still living in those units, brave at that too or fucking crazy.


Everything is relative. Stone cliffs take longer to erode into the sea than sand ones, and granite will last longer than limestone. There’s lighthouses and fortresses perched on cliffs that have been there hundreds of years. “Sand cliffs” should have been a tipoff. Then again people are still coming to my neighborhood and buying “newly renovated garden level apartments” that were swimming pools when Sandy visited, being less than a dozen ft above sea level.


I must have been tired to miss that - it’s about half the post!

So you all realize a couple billion (that’s with a b) people are going to become refugees over the course of this century, right? That’s three orders of magnitude larger than the Syrian refugee crisis.

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Not the most original of film franchises…

ETA: Of course if you actually offered average people technology thousands of years beyond anything they knew, they’d run screaming in the other directions. People want just-around-the-corner baubles and the technological miscarriages of gold-old-fashioned futures. They don’t want their semantic and epistemic world view shredded to madness by millennia of unforeseeable advances.

On the plus side, 305, 309, 315 and 325 Esplanade are about to become oceanfront property!

We Arizona residents often talk about how we will enjoy our beachfront property when California falls into the ocean. There was a punk song with that exact title about 35 years ago.

The thing about expensive beachfront property is that it’s ephemeral. That doesn’t matter if you are rich.


I’m not saying you have to read the whole thread, but a skimming doesn’t hurt.


The only real winner is Snake Plissken.


Nah. We aren’t fucked. Probably will just have to move some things around and stop living in certain areas.

I liked the part where Lex Luthor hatched a devious plan that would reshape coastlines and kill untold millions of people. And the part where he incapacitated Superman with Kryptonite, leaving him to drown. But the part I totally did not see coming was when Luthor’s assistant/mistress grows a conscience at the last minute, foiling the plan and allowing Superman to save the day by lifting a huge geological feature and flying into space.


It would appear I skimmed the wrong parts.

Watch around 4:30… there are people in the building on the left. They have more guts (less self preservation) than me.


I live in Pacifica and am familiar with those cliffs. They’re soft sandstone and completely exposed to waves that come in directly off the Pacific. There’s no way to “maintain” these cliffs. The ocean will take them no matter what we do, assuming any reasonable amount of investment. You do not beat the ocean. It’s like a Terminator: “It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.” Or in this case, eroded away.