Cliff House: modular home design hangs off cliff face


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Neat in concept but aren’t cliff sides like that quite prone to erosion, collapse, etc.


When the cliff erodes, you just add more supports.


The House of Damocles. I can’t imagine that Australia’s environmental agency is thrilled at the prospect of having to clean these things up from inaccessible shoreline areas.


I’m just thinking of that poor “old man of the mountain”. Rocks are not always as solid as they might seem. especially on the edge of cliffs:


Good luck getting a loan for that insurance claim waiting to happen.


The latest example of twisted real estate reasoning. Let’s go to the most interesting, empty, beautiful place we can find and put a house there! There are plenty of self-absorbed customers for that kind of thing!


Looks like the lair for an anime villain. Reminded me of that Imperial Leather soap commercial in the 80’s.

Technically, you’d probably want to smooth the attached surface, and the foundation would be at least three times the width of the house. Engineering isn’t much of a problem.

Most importantly, where would the sewer go?




That’s nothing new


I hope those support beams go WAY back into the rock.

Used to walk by this house, always wondered if this kind of thing would ever get a permit to be built nowadays:


Well, I certainly wouldn’t be scared shitless of trying to park in that garage…



Yes. That is basically why they are cliffs in the first place. Which does suggest problems about this idea.


All of the above, plus that is some mighty soft looking sandstone. I also can’t imagine sitting in that thing the first time a thunderstorm rolls in.


Or a big swell! Even with those nearly flat seas the wave is coming almost all the way up to the house. I bet that spot gets wave spray over the cliff more than 10 times a year. I know its only a mockup but come on, choose a spot that’s a little less obviously absurd.


That was probably the simplest question the architect had to answer:


Inspired by the way barnacles cling to the hull of a ship…

Barnacles fall off, too.

… series of stacked modules that are anchored into the cliff face using engineered steel pins.

I guess that’s probably better than using naturally occurring steel pins.


Good points all around on this forum, but I still want to build one in Minecraft. Know what I mean?


In New Zealand no problem. The entry end of the building I’m in currently is at ground level, the rest is perched atop [Croft Pole][1] foundations with empty space underneath as the ground drops steeply away.

This sort of thing (and even more precarious) is common: