Watch this house fall down a cliff


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Soil erosion can be harsh mistress.



Yep. Looks about right.

In Tijuana, there’s a new housing complex about two miles from me built right next to a 50 foot cliffside of dirt. No retaining wall, no nothing.
There’s not much rain here on the whole, but last year was rather wet, and I’m wondering how much it will take to bring that cliffside down.


Where i grew up in Venezuela, right on my block there was a a cliffside. There were some homes that were much nicer than the surrounding ones that were built pretty much right up to the edge but no retaining wall, no concrete, nothing was done to the cliff to stop gravity or erosion from doing its thing. Was also in a pretty arid area but i found it immensely stupid even as a kid.


I would be at the bottom with a shovel … bit by bit, she’ll come down.


mi casa es su casa


When I was buying my little bungalow, I looked at about a dozen houses. One was twice as big as the rest, Corbu style, with a crazy 2-level deck that just cried out for champagne and bimbos. Hot tub too.

I wondered why it was so affordable until the engineer’s report came back. It was about to do the very same thing!


The follow who videod his own house falling seemed pretty calm about it.

Some times you gotta just go with it.


But her emails!


“My house is collapsing. The fourth house to fall after the failure of a retaining wall on a neighbouring construction site.” - and looking at the video: that’s not a cliff, and not erosion.
Very likely excavation works totally fucked up. Dirt can be surprisingly tricky to work with sometimes.


Crap–forgot to rotate my phone horizontally. Can we do that again?


“Esa… era mi casa.” Got me bad. Poor guy, i hope he gets a big fucking settlement.


This being in Mexico i’m not sure. Doubt the construction company responsible is rolling in the dough like some giant US company or multinational. But i certainly do hope that all affected families are fairly compensated for their lost homes and possessions.


Portland’s West Hills is home to many precariously perched houses, reached by winding roads. Look out your back window, and you can see the roofs of the homes in the next street over.

A couple of years after I moved to the area, there was an amazing incident where a large house slid down a hillside right into the home below. No one was hurt, amazingly, but needless to say both homes were totaled.

The residents of the lower home sued those above for negligence; apparently an irrigation system soaked the soil to the extent that it undermined the foundations, and WHEEE!




I recently found out that the social security here in Mexico allows for credit against the purchase of a house, scaled to how much you earn. I’ll ask my neighbor if insurance is provided, though I doubt many people would want to pay for it, given the economy.


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