Video for This Is A Trent Reznor Song


Have to give it 2 1/2 meh.

Not bad for mirroring the work of his that becomes popular. Trent is an amazing artist that has a wide variety… My personal favorite of his is A Warm Place, and his Ghosts albums were rather unique.

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A good goof doesn’t diminish Trent’s coolness.


a fine tradition…


Is the interlacing intended or does Trent make that mistakes with his videos too?

Is Trent Reznor really a great target for this treatment? Certainly a lot of his stuff uses and subverts standard pop devices, but then this parody is doing the same (independently of its capacity as a parody), and to great effect. It is very well done.

I dunno, here’s something by Mr. Reznor to chew over while contemplating how formulaic and insubstantial his work is.

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I don’t think this parody is trying to make the point that Reznor’s music is “formulaic and insubstantial”. It’s rather quite affectionate, I’d say.


Yeah? I find it pretty hard to read it that way.

That’s exactly how I viewed it. Obviously it’s possible that it’s mockery, but I’d like to think it’s the work of a fan.

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OK… so the analysis of the work as repeatable by following a set of basic steps doesn’t characterise it as formulaic? And further, easily repeatable and lacking in substance?

Frankly if I had to take a crack at their motives I’d say they were after a truckload of publicity on the back of Reznor’s reputation and shielded by Fair Use.

Edit: It is probably a light hearted and well intended jab. I just think its a well executed jab that unfortunately misses the target.

Sounded Really awesome.

My vote is for affectionate parody. NIN has been my favorite band for lo these many years, and I think this is quite funny. I’d like to think TR would laugh at it too–now. Maybe not 20 years ago :wink:


Freddy’s pretty clearly coming from a place of love with this parody, in a way that older parodies in a similar vein never really expressed. And yeah, the interlacing’s on purpose, each of the scenes in this video are patterned after older NIN videos. While I kind of think putting it up on iTunes a few months after he originally debuted this is kind of stretching it, I bet they had a lot of fun making the video.

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Looks great, love it.

The original BB post (which isn’t linked here…) made it clear that the makers of the song/video are big fans (or at least claim to be).

I’m a fan, I have been since I was 12 in the nineties, and I believe this isn’t mean-spirited.

If you’re too cool to laugh at light-hearted jokes at your own expense, you aren’t that cool.

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Amazing song; I’d never seen this video. Like most songs, I like it better without a video.

Also, this video (and song) seem to fit with the parody pretty well.

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Ah, it wasn’t the original post that I was remembering, but this comment in that thread:

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I’d have to say that it’s better than a Trent Reznor song, because I don’t think that I’ve managed to listen to any Trent Reznor song in it’s entirety, but I did this. But it’s probably more likely that I just don’t like Trent Reznor songs where Trent is doing the singing.