"This is a Trent Reznor Song"


I love Trent, but this is spot on.


This type of song was done before. This version is better and sounds more like the current incarnation of nin. However it seems more like (imho) a ripoff of this song from '09.

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Sounded spot on until the chorus, which was just a bit too major, and not yelly enough.


So it’s a copy of ‘A Copy of A’.


Here’s a precursor from waaaay back in 1993, when Reznor’s NiN was an alternative to, “The Grunge Song”

by Radio Free Vestibule!

“Mandatory shot of old man with his shirt off.”


Fan since Broken - find nothing to be offended by here.

The “but it’s still awesome” bit helped.


This song really nails my thoughts about NIN of late. Trent does fantastic instrumentals. I’d love more of those. Maybe another album like Ghosts.

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LMAO god I hate nine inch nails

That’s about as brilliant as Chris Morris’s Pixies Parody “Mother Banger”


Who was that comedian that did that with Elvis songs? It had a line something like, "All of his songs stop (rest) (rest)(rest) (rest) (rest) (rest) …and start again!

Pretty bang on. I liked it!

That’s not a Trent Reznor song.

This is a Trent Reznor song.

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This is wonderful. Trent has always been a studio genius and a wonderful musician & composer, but has a terrible voice and the lyrical content stopped being appealing when I was 17.


I want to be offended, but I just can’t. It’s well done, accurate to my ears. But I love NIN so much, that I’m offended. I hate you for this.

Well, don’t be too offended, since this is the description from the SoundCloud page itself:

This is a song I made about the songwriting process of one of my musical heroes Trent Reznor.

This was obviously a labour of love. :smile:


I don’t think it’s breathy enough.

What’s you favorite band?

I’ll just leave this here:

I haven’t been able to get into a NIN album since 1997. It just got too… “slick”, overproduced and non-original sounding to me. There’s a few gems here and there beyond The Downward Spiral, but overall it’s trash to me. Also, once Trent decided to do the soundtrack for Call of Duty, I pretty much wrote him off as a sellout (in a bad way, to the pigs… and even worse to the war pigs). He got cheesy.

Kind of like comparing Metalica’s Garage Days Revisted to their newer stuff where James H. decided to start doing a lot of cheesy “Whoa… whoas” and the music got all slicked up and overproduced along with it. It got cheesy.

They got old and lost their edge and started to smell like cheese. It happens. For me, it doesn’t really take away from their old, amazing stuff which I still listen to and love:

Sometimes I think Metallica was simply born to do old punk cover songs: