Ted Cruz whines after Trent Reznor dissed him and insists he didn't "drink all of his beer"

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“I would never listen to popular music by an Oscar-winning composer! Fake news! But I’m an alcoholic, so I’m still cool, right?”


This needs a Goth Cruz 'shoop so bad…


Once a bitter HS debate club nerd who couldn’t get the respect of the cool kids, always one.


I clicked over to his page and was immediately distracted by the fact that two people I know, one of whom I actually like quite a bit, was following him.


Ted, please go fuck yourself, with a cactus.


" Ted Cruz whines after Trent Reznor dissed him and insists he didn’t “drink all of his beer”

of course you insist - it was the one potentially cool thing you had ever done.



I guess in the era of Trump the old idea that politicians should rise above things is gone. You could just ignore it. But the new wisdom is that a beef with a celebrity is good for everyone involved.


To be fair… BoingBoing’s headline on their first post about this yesterday was “When Ted Cruz asked for free NIN tickets…”

I take that to mean that BB are saying that the Cruzinator did actually ask for tickets, so aren’t BB actually doing the thing that they’re now criticizing Cruz for criticizing journalists for?

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Whatever. Reznor’s Maynard James Keenan’s a bootlicker.



Is that video Reznor? I’m not seeing that on the youtube page

You are correct. I got that mixed up in my head.

So, “Tool - Maynard’s Snowflake speech…” made you think “Yes, this is Trent Reznor, from Nine Inch Nails”? Literally none of those words are the same.

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i have no idea how the association occurred in my brain, but it did. Don’t do drugs, I guess?

ETA you joined just to say this? Welcome, comrade.

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Hi, and thank you! Long long, long time lurker, bored and lonely on a Friday night, interested in anything that involves NIN, literally don’t know who Ted Cruz is, besides an American politician who, apparently, people don’t like very much. I’m more interested in the “Is Maynard actually a complete dick?” narrative, though, which is what piqued my interest.


And apologies for coming across as aggressive, reading back on it - I was more interested by the thought process that connected the statements and that didn’t come across at all, and I came across as a complete dick. I apologise for that.


I knew about the whole thing from friends who were there and quite surprised to hear him say that. Personally never cared for Tool enough to dig into his politics, so that’s all I know. Always thought they sounded like Rush for kids with jncos tbh. (not trying to be mean this was half my friends in the 90’s)

I hope never to be famous enough for famous people to know or care who I am but if I did, and I found out a band I liked didn’t like me, I’d probably sulk for a little bit – BUCK DHARMA AND ERIC BLOOM DON’T LIKE ME!!! – but mostly just stay away.

Whatever the politics, I find kind of sad the stories of Chris Christie’s ongoing efforts to hang out with Bruce Springsteen. Christie – like all white men from the (broadly defined) NE – seem to have an unslakable man-crush on Springsteen. Yet faced with some serious snubs by Springsteen, he remains a fan boy. I don’t see how one could remain a fan of someone, but Christie has been to dozens of shows over the years, still pining for Bruce Springsteen to somehow like him.

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