When Ted Cruz asked for free Nine Inch Nails tickets, Trent Reznor told him to fuck off


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No quiet dinners, no fun concerts for the enablers of this regime. They definitely shouldn’t have nice things.


The frail piggy bitten by the hand that feeds you can only get closer to the day the world went away and all that could have been, further down the downward spiral, the fragile becoming hurt by the persistence of loss, getting smaller in sin with another version of the truth.



I wish many more Texan’s would tell Ted Cruz to “Fuck off”.

Maybe for Christmas.


Considering how his pre-election resistance to Trump has turned into complete fawning, I can totally see Cruz mouthing, “I was up above it/Now I’m down in it.”


He’s ruined Campbell’s soup, he’s ruined boogers, he elbows his wife in the face and now he wants to ruin Nine Inch Nails?
Maybe his dad did assassinate JFK.


But he gets to go to all the Ted Nugent and Wayne Newton concerts he wants s.


Good point. Going to find his public facing website and register opinion. Might drop an FU on the Gov too. Slimy low life turds.



Hey! That’s not nice to Nickelback.


A novelty singer/songwriter could have a lot of fun with that. “The Cruz Who Stole Christmas”


Many, many people never imagined they’d be forced to vote for that sack of shit. Plenty wanted him out.

Only the Dems could put Ted Cruz back in office.


Bullshit. It wasn’t even supposed to be a contest for Cruz—the last time a Democratic Senate candidate unseated a Republican incumbent in Texas was in the 1870s. The fact that Beto O’Rourke even came close is a testament to what a strong candidate he was.




He drank all the beer and was just a pain in the ass to be around,

Texas, summarized.


Pay no attention to all the GOP voters of Texas. It’s the Dems who are at fault because they won’t meet conservatives halfway on an agenda of fear, hatred and exploitation.


Texas is so gerrymandered half the GOP voters could stay home and they would still win. Please go read the maps.


That’s why he told Cruz to ‘fuck off’? Because he drank all the beer? It’s not because Cruz is a lying, sack of shit? Reznor, I love your NIN music but here, you disappoint me.


Well if you’re going to be a lying sack of shit then you should at least buy everyone else a round of drinks.