Watch Ted Cruz's cringe-y funnyman routine at CPAC

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Now let’s see how well his comedy act goes down in Houston.


Uhg. He’s not the worst. But he’s a contender. For the worst.

“Watch Ted Cruz’s cringe-y funnyman routine at CPAC”

I think Ted Cruz’s and cringe-y are redundant.


Hey I agree with that! … Oh, he didn’t mean what he was doing.


No thanks!


He may be unique in his ability to earn bipartisan disgust though. Republicans hate him as much as Democrats do. The Republicans just hate the idea of Democrats taking his seat ever so slightly more.


That’s the GOP in a nut shell. They will vote for somebody nobody likes or respects, including themselves, just to own the libs.


You’ve left out the nonstop performative outrage over perceived victimhood, and the blaming of the actual victims, both of which are the virtue signals of the “right.”


Can we please not give CPAC the attention is most certainly does not deserve. Stupidheads are going to say stupid things.

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Seriously, wherever the guy goes, someone should greet him with a mariachi band. After all he didn’t get the full experience of Mexico from his last trip.


Where would you have attention steered otherwise, in addition to all the other things we’re paying attention to, I mean? I see a lot of comments like this lately (yours is just the most recent in a long line), that we shouldn’t pay attention to politicians behaving badly, but what is it you think is being overlooked that we would better off for paying attention to?


He has brains and not a lick of sense.

the best part of all this shtick is that he does not believe a word of it. nobody wants trump to go away more than he. when cruz throws his hat in for 2024 is he still going to be saying these great things about trump? nfw. he is standing by to firmly take over the chief asshole position in the GOP.


Exactly. So the next time one reads “70% of republicans say the election was stolen!” You may, fecklessly, wonder aloud: “Yeah but of that 70% what proportion really believes what they answered to that poll? How many just said it to be against ‘the libs’?” Yes, a horrific proportion actually believes what they’re repeatedly told on fox"news", but it’s nonetheless notably fewer than what always appears on polls.

Srsly, why subject yourself to hearing this guy when you don’t have to? I’m don’t hate myself that much.

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the failed, twice-impeached ex-president is probably going to need a running mate…it’s the only way for TC to keep failing upwards.


Few things are more pathetic than an unfunny person trying to tell a joke.

Except Ted Cruz trying to tell what he thinks is a joke.


The future of conservatism is a boot stomping on a face forever.

They will continue to lose demographically, they will continue to promote insane conspiracies, they will continue to spread rumors and lies, and they will get even more violent and intolerant




I’m morbidly curious if Teddy has a Trump stamp on his lower back. If he’s that into the TIT (Twice-Impeached Trump) might he want to show his subservience?

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