Ted Cruz flops again with another lousy political theater stunt

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How is this a flop? Seems like a win for him. The clip in conservative media will be him asking the question about defunding police, being told they can’t talk about that, and walking out in protest. It’ll come with a headline about Cruz supporting the police and walking out of a hearing in protest when the Libs won’t listen. It’ll be a complete win for him with the base.

It’s not as if many people will watch this and decide, based on this, to move away from supporting Ted Cruz and his ilk.




Having accepted the Ted Cruz is an absolutely irredeemable turd of an individual in all ways, we really have to investigate why Texas voters keep re-electing him despite his delivering nothing but empty stunts like this to them (when he’s not abandoning them in times of disaster). A politician has to have friends and allies to get things done in Congress, and he has none in either party.

I went looking for interviews with Cruz supporters on YouTube and Google to see why they support him, but came up blank. Beto O’Rourke shows us that Cruz isn’t always running against incompetent challengers, so it can’t be that. His attempts to “own the libs” fail as often as they succeed, which can’t be satisfying for right-wing voters. What’s going on here?


too bad you came up blank. i for one would love to hear someone give a single coherent reason why they would support cruz.


The answer to your query, Cruz is white, it is racism up & down the ticket in Texas, and most of the USA. No other answer is needed. Cruz is the next heir apparent to the KKKpublican/Qnut throne, it’s very obvious at this point he can do no wrong in the collective dickbrain of the GQP party.


I’m genuinely curious about it. I can barely bring myself to understand why a single district in Texas might keep re-electing Louie Gohmert to its House seat despite his being an obvious idiot an ignoramus. How a majority of Texans keeps electing Cruz as their senator, though, continues to baffle me.

I get that, but it’s not enough to explain it for me. There must be white supremacist Republicans in Texas who aren’t this loathsome and who would have the ability to work with their fellow GOPers in Congress to further their evil agendas.


Beto said outright he was going to take Texas’ guns. So I imagine a lot of Texans will vote for literally anything other than that.


Thanks. Maybe that’s all it comes down to: their devotion to guns and white supremacy and their opposition to reproductive choice for women, combined with inertia and political tribalism, is enough to keep them voting again and again for a greasy soup-swilling blobfish who’s shown himself willing to throw his own kids under the bus when he gets caught misbehaving.


Stand by for Ted’s total makeover to he man machoism gadfly kissing babies, slapping backs and making nicey with the poors. It’s coming to a reich-wing news outlet near you.


I don’t think the qualifier “political” is needed in the sentence, “Political theater is not Ted Cancun Cruz’s forte,” judging by this clip of Ted “acting” in a college production of “The Crucible.” Ted Cruz - Why am I persecuted? - YouTube


This just in from conservative media: American patriot hero Ted Cruz owns spineless libs with epic takedown of anti-American activities.


Maybe someone should demand an Arizona-style audit of ballots in Cancun Cruz’s last election?


Cruz’s last election (against Beto) became a nationwide spectator sport just because Beto brought so much money to the Dems, so the GOP spent a mint to promote him and Cornyn as being a far bigger force in DC then they truly were - to that time, he and Trump had butted heads, but he began to suck up immediately in this race, he kowtowed to Texas gun & militia nuts, and the GOP called up every GOP woman to vote party line solely on ABORTION, promising to handle everything else they were questionable on later.


Ooh ooh, I know this one!

Actually, I know the reason anyone votes republican at all! It’s actually very straight forward.

It goes like this: either they are fucking stupid. OR. They’re evil.

Stupid R voters are people like single issue voters who sincerely beilieve an abortion ban wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Evil R voters are people who know they financially benefit from climate change, or war.


Both Liz & her lizard father Dick [the thing that won’t die] profit[ed] from both. Cruz wants in on the red button so he can usher in the RAPTURE, and Teddy can be jesus/potus at the same time. F@ck me, the craziness we are heading towards is going to top tRump and then some.


Flops with whom? Not with his voters, I’m sure. The Republican base’s tolerance for this kind of shit is limitless and just getting worse.


Fantastic. Can we bottle that stuff that makes Cruz leave the room?


It’s aromatic essential oil democracy, comes in spray or fogger for the real nazi/qnuts you need to leave a space.


Is Ted Cruz more Josh Hawley than Josh Hawley?
Or is Josh Hawley more Ted Cruz than Ted Cruz?