Watch but don't vomit: "The Booger on the Lip of Democracy" is all about Ted Cruz and it's hilarious

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Booger Cruz


I’ll never get why Texans vote for him. Besides being literally disgusting, besides an arse-licking coward who tosses his own family members under the bus, besides not having any colleagues who’ll work with him, besides his abandoning his constituents in the middle of a disaster, the slimy slug can’t even clear the minimal GOP bar of “owning the libs”. Every time he tries to emulate Joe McCarthy he falls flat on his smug face.

I get why Gohmert gets votes; other mouth-breathing ignoramuses take hope from his success and identify with him. But who would want to identify with Ted Cruz? I still have no idea what he delivers to those who keep voting for him.


ok, I thought I had a stroke or something with the youtube date on this being today, yet I swore I had seen it before. I was right:


Nope, can’t.

Ted always has that effect on me.

It’s a constant source of bafflement for me as well. Seems like even the people who vote for him hate him.


cruz wins statewide in texas because he has the letter “r” by his name on the ballot. gohmert wins because the students at the state university in his district are cut out of voting, except absentee in their home districts.

edited to add that i’m a native texan.


Apropos of nothing but had to share


All I can say is that inertia must have the gravity of the sun to overcome his loathsomeness.


texas has had two republican senator’s since lloyd bentsen retired and hutchinson beat kreuger (bob, not freddy) in 1992. so by the time cruz ran, yeah the inertia ran deep.


A classic video on Ted Cruz from Trae Crowder:

I’m not sure I agree with Crowder’s conclusions, but I think I prefer Trae’s talking head video to this documentary (and I don’t need to use a VPN to watch it).


Wanted to share, seemed a good enough place as any


He isn’t a ‘booger on the Lip of Democracy’.
He is ‘a Decomposing Dingleberry in the Anal Hairs of the Cosmos’, to steal a line from a Howard Cruse cartoon I saw in HM many moons ago…

The first time he ran, he called himself the Tea Party candidate, & was consequently dismissed by the Normals as a mere fringe candidate. He was severely underestimated.

As @navarro has noted, that ‘r’ by his name does the trick… even so, he barely won vs. Beto the second time around.

Nah. The ‘r’ on the ballot is all he needs.
As @navarro has noted, a bit of Voter Supression helps, too.
Fun Fact: Gomer is running to replace the unindicted Felon of an AG we have in Texas.
When they reach Rock Bottom, they break out the picks & shovels…

There’s an ‘r’ by his name on the ballot.
Their primaries are to see who can out-jackass the others & Own The Libs.

Same here.
I’m so old, I can remember when the 'r’s were a minority party in Texas & considered to be merely the party of the rich & not the FDC they have become.
I miss Ann Richards…


I’m more surprised he hasn’t been primaried, but I suppose the party won’t allow that, even if they all hate him too.


Ted’s safe, unless/until You Know Who denounces him.
I’m amazed Corwyn [the other Tx Senator] hasn’t been primaried, since he is relatively sane.

It’s not the party so much as it is the lack of a viable candidate to run against Ted.
However, Taliban Dan [the Lt. Gov.] has always had a lust for more power, so we shall see.


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