Ad mocks Ted Cruz's "Tough as Texas" campaign


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I love the extra “Ted” at :26. Nails it.


Ted Cruz’s “toughness” would be categorised by an honest Texan as “all hat, no cattle.”.


What a fine actor!


Sometimes I forget how much fun Texas was.


This was quite awesome. made my day.


He is the same actor from the Linklater movie ‘Bernie’, with a famous clip that rather accurately explains Texas:


God, I hope Beto wins. But I’m not sure Texas is gonna go blue 'til long, long after I’m dead. :frowning:


This is what I don’t get. What self-respecting Texan can vote for this pathetic creature. I get that they won’t vote for the democrat, but just sit out. Ted is a frickin’ wimp who couldn’t stand up for his own family.


As a Texan, this rings true. But the narrative on the street here is that Beto wants free houndouts and Cruz is for Jeezus.


Jesus was all about free handouts. Loaves, fish, water, wine, health care…


Or…more bullshit in his boots than on them.


I wish the ad had said exactly that. If he won’t stand up for his wife, what makes anybody think he’s going to be looking out for them? He’s weak and only cares for himself.


Is that Catheter Cowboy???


As Uncle Jon-Rene’ would say

“Vous mettez un doigt dans leur poitrine et leur donnez quelques mots de choix ou vous les traînez par le bûcher et leur donnerez un coup de pied.”


Uncle Fritz…

“Du legst einen Finger in ihre Brust und gibst ihnen ein paar Worte der Wahl oder du ziehst sie an den Scheiterhaufen und trittst sie.”


No, this is Sonny Carl Davis, the Catheter Cowboy is Thomas Kopache.


Please consider the following stills I’ve curated for your future memeing needs. Thank you.


This campaign is somewhere where free-flowing dark money and the chaotic mess of unaffiliated campaign groups could make things interesting.

  • You’ve got this sort of ad which attacks him for not standing up to Trump.
  • You could have another group with another set of ads constantly replaying Trump’s attacks on “lyin’ Ted” from the campaign to make sure 45’s die-hards aren’t keen to get out and vote for him
  • You have another set contrasting what he said now with what he said before- making him out to be two-faced
  • Another set to do the more traditional attack ads on his political record
  • And finally the 101st fighting keyboard astroturf battalion to remind us all that Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer.

Chaos, confusion and dirty tricks. Politics is a fun game.


The message at the end having to defend that the PAC is not receiving money from nor sending money to Beto’s campaign to jive with his stance of not taking PAC money is really awkward.

I find it interesting to see a political ad supporting, or at least bashing the opponent of, a candidate having to distance itself from that candidate. No standard “My name is Beto O’Rourke and I support this message” at all.


He can eat his boogers without using his fingers, cut him some slack.