Ted Cruz's Democratic challenger is a small-dollars fundraising monster who won't take PAC money

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Somehow I can picture this music coming from a glowing red closet in Ted’s basement. With blood dripping from the walls and a chill in the air.

Good luck to Mr O’Rourke. He is going to need it.


I live in Cruz country and I’d like to send some money to O’Rourke? Does anybody know if I can do it anonymously? The last thing I want is to end up on a Democrat donor list.


Because he isn’t taking PAC money, you likely won’t be able to make an anonymous donation. Here’s a good article on how campaign donations work from the NYTimes.


Well that’s a bummer. Another $100 probably wouldn’t make a difference anyway. Texans seem to like Cruz.

I saw him speak in May and he was very engaging, very solidly left (for U.S. values of left). We had a blizzard (yes, in May, in Texas. This is Amarillo) but he had over 350 people in a solidly red district. He stayed to talk and take selfies with anyone who wanted to speak to him and there was a long line.

He came back for the 4th of July and our Indivisible group and the local Dems club went out with him.

He’s coming back in August for a Town Hall (Neither Cruz nor Cornyn have agreed to have ANY town halls during their terms).


Every bit matters, especially in Texas, even if it just makes them pull resources from some other campaign to shore up the Red anchor state. But we do potentially have a Blue majority in Texas if we can get out the Hispanic vote. Once Texas goes Blue, we’ll never have another Republican in the White House. It’s one of the reasons I moved back here.


For the sake of the rest of the country, good luck, and mobilize that vote!


He’ll be played by Hugh Grant in the movie.


That made me laugh out loud.


Yes, the truth is funny sometimes.


The Hispanic vote is usually a red vote in Texas. It’s a very conservative block and looking at the presidential election is going to give you a false sense of hope when it’s not Trump on the ticket.

Ted Cruz looks like Joseph McCarthy but talks like he swallowed a kazoo.

Oh and he’s batshit nucking futs.

Christ, what an asshole.


They’ll likely know that you’re not a Dem usually, based on their mountain of other data collected about you. Could be an interesting data point for others to see non-Dems donating to him, which could mean that your $100 contribution is actually worth more than the face value.


I mostly was just parroting Gilberto Hinojosa, Democratic Party Chair for Texas. The Dems projections looked pretty good, but yeah, it won’t be easy. It’s still the Republican’s race to lose.


I’m not sure how true that is. It may be a more conservative voting block than some others, but doesn’t seem to be particularly Republican leaning. http://www.pewforum.org/religious-landscape-study/compare/party-affiliation/by/racial-and-ethnic-composition/among/state/texas/



Clearly Clu Gulager would be the better choice.

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Fill out the form with as little info as possible, including a burner or bogus email and bogus phone number. All that really matters is that the address match the CC. I started doing that a long time ago and while I do get a direct mailing every few months it’s not much, nobody wants to spend money on postage these days.

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It will be a long time before our local southern immigrant population forgets what both Bushs and Perry did for them. But perhaps these polls are right. Not being a pollster, I can only go by what my neighbors say.