Ted Cruz's Democratic challenger is a small-dollars fundraising monster who won't take PAC money


He has a mailing address listed. I was thinking about getting a money order and mailing it to him. I’d hate to do it though if he was unable to accept it. Then it would just be a donation to the post office.


I did some campaigning for Jon Ossoff here in GA’s 6th (and my home) district (sorry for the loss to Handel … we tried). I don’t know how much you want to donate, but the campaign office appreciated donations of food and drinks and small cash donations for things like stamps. You could go that route. It would free up other donations for ads and mailers and such, and you could do it anonymously.


That’s a neat idea. I just might do that. Thanks.


In Texas the Hispanic vote went solidly Democratic, and the state had the closest margin since basically forever. The GOP in Texas has never been weaker, and that 2/3 of Hispanic voters going against the GOP is certainly not the response you see in somewhere like Florida.


I’m glad you liked my suggestion – the folks in the campaign office will appreciate it.

BTW, this was my first time working with a campaign, after a lifetime of being a faithful voter, but an otherwise uninvolved citizen. It will not be my last. We lost, but it was still a great experience. I highly recommend it to everyone.


Ooh, good one, and he’s American too, but he’s almost 90 … so if Hugh Grant is a teench too old for the part, Ole’ Clu is, well, he might not survive filming. And then where would we be?


Could call his office and ask.

Plus check with the USPS, if you keep the carbon and can prove he didn’t receive/accept then I believe they can refund or replace it.

Or send cash, cash is always good. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or buy them pizza closer to election time. :slight_smile:


The only way you can make an anonymous campaign contribution is if you are a 1%er and you do it through GOP channels. Everything else is illegal.


Out of curiosity, when elections look at those kind of demographic breakdowns, how much do they focus on where the particular states’ Hispanic populations come from? For example, I would expect a lot more of the Hispanic population in Florida to come from Cuba, and historically a lot of the people that came to the US from Cuba were more educated and middle class or well off, which could make a big difference in ideology.


You gonna help out over in the 7th with the Bourdeaux campaign?


Voting demographics are typically presented as an array of Pantones in most exit polls, but I would be curious about more detailed cultural diversity in the exit polls.


First I’ve heard of Bourdeaux, Mindysan! Her CV looks impressive! Thanks for putting her on my radar. I was actually looking to help out with this campaign for GA state senate district 40:
Sally used to be my state representative a decade ago, and she was fantastic. We need to flip the statehouse, if we’re going to get decent districts redrawn!


I think the article makes the strong argument that the 7th might be easier to flip than the 6th, as it’s gotten far more diverse there than the 6th.

That’s a tough job, even with more decent districts. There is some truth in the idea that it’s ATL vs. the rest of the state (blue v. red). There are other mini-seas of blue, but the rural parts of the state are likely to remain red, unless we get an honest to god populist movement going strong within the democratic party. That seems to me like the only way to bridge the divide between the class issues and identity politics that seems to be tripping the Dems up.



That’s step two, though. Step one is bringing down the TrumpGOP and restoring democracy.


We need to unwind the gerrymandering with fresh redistricting, as well as changes in the districting laws to prevent the current circumstances from ever happening again. Then, I think you’re right. Texas becomes the linchpin that holds the nation together, instead of being the tinderbox that it currently is. Whatever all that means. I’m mixing metaphors like cocktails here.


I’ve typed and deleted three different responses to you, Mindysan, but I think I’ll just say “I agree wholeheartedly.”


I always thought he looked like a cross between McCarthy and Jim Belushi.


Don’t you mean “did to them”?


I’m wondering about the weird demographic niche in which someone, or something, placed me. I got a fundraising request in the mail from Joe Arpaio. I live in a zip code where most of the residents could not be less sympathetic to Joe Arpaio.


I assume you are referring to the presidential election?