Ted Cruz's Democratic challenger is a small-dollars fundraising monster who won't take PAC money


Well what you are saying hasn’t been true since like 2004.


Beto O’Rouke? That’s the best Irish-Latino crossover name since Bernardo O’Higgins!


I’ll raise you one Chico O’Farrill


I decided my previous post was inappropriate to the topic, despite being entirely true.

Sorry for the downbeat! I will go to bed now and try to be more positive tomorrow.





Spend a $100.00 at his store.



I fell for it; how “guluble” of me (best I can do)


His principles here line up real nice with Hamas propaganda.


Why is that? Are theirs worse? Will it look worse on you? Other options I am not thinking of?



He must support Hamas, thank you for the fact based warning.


I took the time to read his pieces on medium and articles in newspapers for his district. Not saying he supports Hamas, just that he sticks by his principles and those line up real nicely with Hamas’s PR in English.


Please enlighten us as to how support for a two-state solution and condemnation of Palestinian governance equals support for the official terrorist outfit of the Iranian government.


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