Watch The Daily Show's 9-minute documentary on Ted Cruz: "a nightmare of a human being"

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Daily Show always comes through with the videos. Better than any other late night easily, and more skilled than Lincoln Project or Meidas, too at getting the point across.


This image gives him too much credit, dbag extraordinaire.


one of my retired former coworkers despises cruz to the extent that she won’t vote for him. she had supported dewhurst in the primary and was horrified by cruz campaign tactics. despite the horror she couldn’t support the democrat so she voted libertarian that year. by 2018 she had completely turned against cruz and voted o’rourke. and by 2020 she voted for biden having given up on the republicans. for someone who had voted republican her adult life it was hard but she wasn’t seduced by the trumpists. much the reverse.


As I said elsewhere, Cruz just seems hellbent on failing in every aspect of being a decent or likeable human being. My question to Texans is, beyond empty pandering to the usual Know-Nothing culture warriors, has he delivered anything of actual value to the state’s citizens?


Ted Cruz: Canadian by birth; Cuban by the grace of God.


Anyone got an alternate link?
As a non-american, I am not allowed to view this video featuring a former non-american talking about another former non-american.


As a dually/expat living in Belgium currently, I highly recommend a VPN with USian endpoints. They’re available for a few Euros a month. Avoid the lifetime ones, they die from having all their endpoints mapped within a few months.


Aside from all that, Ted is a …
… he’s really not all that …
… yeah, he’s still an asshole.


Well, it mattered to those of us who didn’t vote for him .
Or for the rest of that Klan of Fascists, Talibaners, & Kleptocrats that are ‘running’ the place.
And remember that Cruz barely won against Beto.

The Lege is hell-bent on committing Election Fraud by imposing yet more restrictions on voting, so as to sway any future elections. Not to mention that Redistricting will occur this year, so the Politboro will be picking out their voters once again.
Maybe the DOJ is making note of all the similar laws being desperately passed by the Big Liars, & will do something about it.

No doubt.
Can’t decide if he would be a Caligula, an Ivan the Terrible, or an Idi Amin.

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