Beto O'Rourke lets loose and uses the F-word on TV in his concession speech


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By no possible means have we heard the last from Beto, and I’m looking forward to whatever he does next.


I am shocked and disgusted that this Democrat used profane language on the blessed medium of TV. Won’t somebody, think of the children! Oh, and on the point of children, we need some more cages to hold those little Mexicans we rounded up last night.


I wanted him to oust Cruz so much, so so much. I hope he sure as hell keeps working though because people like him make me less eager to sell my home and call leave this place behind for good at any cost.


As a Texan, I can’t see why Texans support Cruz. He’s about the most non-Texan person I’ve seen. I can only guess it must be religion and racism.


That’s what they said about Wendy too…


My guess would be 70 percent stupid racist trash… the rest are billionaire assholes who enjoy sucking up our resources while we pay their taxes. They get 2/3 to 3/4 of the vote though so we’re all stuck with the consequences.


I wonder if the better questions are something like: by what % did Cruz win his previous election? by what % did Trump win this area or state overall? The blue wave washed pretty high but not enough to overcome citizens united, oligarch money and some bad actors in Moscow and DC. The racist pitch of ‘ohhh scary brown babies marching to invade our great white fatherland!!!’ probably resonates well in TX.

Now comes Mueller Time.


Who fucking cares? He should’ve fucking won. If the fucking Republicans hadn’t fucking gerrymandered the fucking state, he would’ve fucking won. Fucking Cruz. Fuck him.

But I’m not fucking bitter.


On noes, he wan’t politically correct!


Senate races aren’t affected by gerrymandering. (They have to use other methods for that.) But yeah.


“Here’s the thing you have to understand about Ted Cruz. I like Ted Cruz more than most of my other colleagues like Ted Cruz. And I hate Ted Cruz.” —Al Franken


Yeah, well, they fucking fucked around and fucking fucked it up some fucking way. I just fucking know it.


Oh yes, Senate and Governor races is a job for voter disenfranchisement - see GA.


I can still get her burgers around town.


This is what happens when you let a stinkin Democrat run for office!


I’m pretty sure that if the Republicans had decided to run cancer instead of Ted Cruz, cancer would have picked up more votes. White Texas voted for Cruz because he was the Republican candidate, and no matter how bad the Republican candidate is, you don’t vote for the Democrat. But that doesn’t mean they had to like it.


Fuck Yeah Beto!


Cruz had 56.6% of the vote in his 2012 race, a 16 point lead over his opponent. In this race, it was 50.9% to 48.3%

But Cruz actually lost votes compared to 2012. He had 4.2 million to Beto’s 4 million this year, while in 2012 he had 4.4 million votes to the Democrat with 3.2 million.

This election resembles every statewide election in Texas - the cities and border counties are blue. Beto held on to the border counties, mostly, they both gained one, but these are gigantic counties that could fit multiples Rhode Islands and have barely 1000 people living there.

It looks like the large bump came from the urban areas. Travis County (with Austin) is a given, but now the suburbs in Williamson and Hays counties (to the north and south respectively) are blue-leaning. Also, Jefferson County (on the coast, east of Houston, I have no idea why) flipped blue, as well as Tarrant County (home of the FW in DFW).

Having grown in the panhandle of Texas, I feel confident in saying that it’s less the oligarch money or Russia in a statewide election. It’s more rural people voting straight Rs on ballots. It’s what they do, and it’s the way things are. (Not using that as an excuse, just an observation of the people who continue to live there)


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