Beto O'Rourke lets loose and uses the F-word on TV in his concession speech


Which is pleasantly surprising, since they live right next to the brown people. Someone like myself might think that being in close proximity breeds familiarity.


How are senate races ‘scored’? Is it net votes across the state, or on a county-by-county basis?


It’s net votes for a US Senator. Counties usually handle elections, so the results tend to be grouped that way.


@ michaeljtobias - Gerrymandering hugely affected the House races, but Cruz was a state-wide election. He just lies a lot, and his supporters don’t have good memories, so they don’t notice.


to add to the edification pile on, it wasn’t the gerrymandering that got him, it was the voter suppression. in particular, having one of the most stringent i.d. laws in the country helped cruz a lot.


$100 to Beto was my first political donation ever.
Hope he stays in Texas and continues to push against the guns/god/gays mentality of the Russpublicans

Cruz - only in Texas can a Canadian born hispanic run as a white racist.

+1 on the voter suppression…trying to vote absentee one is bombarded with warnings about fraud and jail time if you try to vote but are somehow not allowed to vote in a particular county


Yeah, I almost would have been willing to concede the House if he was able to oust that slimy, smarmy sub-human fleck of demon shit.


So many of us in ATX fuckin’ love Beto.

No regrets.


“I can only guess it must be religion and racism.” So… Cruz is very Texan!


O no… my virgin ears!


Us Canucks are always amazed at American’s fear of profanity, nipples, and middle fingers. What happens when evangelicals hold sway, I suppose. Misogyny is fine, though, so long as you’re the one in power.


Despite what you might think, Texas isn’t very racist. I’ve traveled around the nation quite a bit and the serious racism can be found in the south east, eastern seaboard, and the northern midwest. Texas has long been a multicultural state with large hispanic, asian, middle eastern, european, and african populations. Sure, we have our share of bigots but nothing on the level that you can find in a places like Wisconsin, Massachusettes, or Alabama.


Say what now?


i hear you. i know a few people who have racial attitudes along the lines of mine. which means, if you’ve paid attention to my comments here over the past 5 years, that they are fairly enlightened and woke, especially for white folks. tragically, i don’t know more than a double-handful of those kind of white people.

tonight, my wife and i are going to a celebration for the parents of a friend of ours. she invited us because we are about her closest friends and we will be about the only non-family there. her parents are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. they were wed on 11/13/1948 which is an amazing thing. we are dreading the whole thing because the vast majority of the people who will be there are big 45 supporters and a large proportion are, judging by their facebook timelines, deeply racist. i’ve already told my wife that if any number of them turn this into an excuse to demonstrate just how racist and how supportive of 45 they are, i am leaving. and i’ll walk home if she isn’t prepared to leave at the point i’m done.


I hear you back. That kind of rank company is harder than ever for me to stomach these days.



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