Big Bird can highly offend Ted Cruz, but call his Republican colleagues pedophiles? That's just "silly"

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Ted Cruz Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


I mean there are plenty of verified child sex predators in the GOP, just not those three.




He doesn’t deny it.


You know something is seriously wrong in the GOP when Ted Cruz is on the SANE side of an internal dispute.


Christ, what an utter piece of shit.

I honestly struggle to think of someone, other than my ex-wife, who can send me into fits of such irrational hatred so easily, and so quickly.

ETA: You know what, irrational is a strong word here. My hatred for this man is completely rational. He is an unuctous, sleezebag who will say or do anything, including meekly rolling over when his. own. wife. was attacked by a more powerful political rival, to advance his own, grasping attempts to achieve ever more personal power. He doesn’t care who or what he destroys, as long as Ted comes out on top.

Fuck this guy. Fuck him so Goddamn hard.


If there’s one fuckface I cannot stand, it’s this one.
Bye now.


In today’s GOP, it’s a neverending line of fuckfaces, stretching to the horizon. It’s quicker to just name the few Republicans who aren’t utter fuckfaces.


Can you do it? I’m struggling, no names come to mind.


“It’s so silly” from Ted Cruz means “Yes, over 70% of the GOP Congressmen have groped a teenaged babysitter or molested an eight-year-old or written violent Rugrats porn, and I’ll have to use all my genius-level manipulation skills to make everyone think it’s not true!”

Also, it’s always fun to remember that literally no one on Earth feels even the slightest love for Ted Cruz.


Candidates for possible Republican non-fuckfaces might include Gov. Spencer Cox of Utah, who vetoed a proposed ban on transgender athletes participating in sports. He might be, for all I know, a fuckface in other respects, but his words and stance on this particular subject were humane and decent.

But he does seem to be an outlier. I don’t want to uncritically accept the notion that the Republican Party is now nothing more than a brutal power cult dominated by venal and vindictive imbeciles, but when Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney are the voices of sanity and decency, well, it might be time for conservatives to ask themselves if they’re really on the right path.


They shamelessly contradict themselves and their so called positions, pandering to and validating peoples worst instincts, and instead of attempting to educate their constituents they lie to and deceive them and seek to create discord and division across our country, and then nurture hate and conflict among countrymen weakening our nation, all in an effort to gain more power, which their behavior makes clear they must never have.


There’s got to be an addendum for Godwin’s law for the chances of someone being called a pedophile in any internet discussion.

That said, republicans sure do like to fuck kids


As I’ve said before here, they want to fuck everyone!


All you need to know about the noted thespian, Raphael Cruz:

Wouldn’t be surprised if he still wants to star in a teen tit film*, since his grand political ambitions have never waned.

*Kinda surprising, considering his father is a hard-core Baptist, & Raphael graduated from a Baptist high school. I’ve dealt with the critters all my life & they can range from mildly annoying to major jackasses, since they seem to consider themselves God’s Chosen.


That would certainly be the way to bet, though.

What used to be known as the Republican Party has morphed into a Fascist Death Cult, and as such, has no room for comservatives, especially ones with principles.
One only need look at the votes for impeaching You Know Who to know that the old GOP is dead.
Sure, it still calls itself the GOP, but it is now the FDC, dedicated to obtaining & retaining power at any cost.


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