Listen to Nine Inch Nails' spooky new song, 'This Isn't the Place'

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I feel like 16 again!


Nine Inch Nails… Named best wallpaper supplier of 2017 with their video “This isn’t the place”.

I saw NIN in concert back in '95. Marilyn Manson opened for them and the Jim Rose circus performed between acts. It was in an arena and all the people in the stands rushed the floor when they came out and threw all the chairs to the back and made a mosh pit. I saw my brother there, who was in college there at the time (I was in high school). I didn’t know he was going to be there and he didn’t know I was there. He saw me and he was tripping balls. He thought I was a ghost and that I was bleeding (I was fine). Marilyn Mason came out naked wearing a huge fake dildo and jerked it off onto the audience. A dude from Jim Rose put his entire body through a small tennis racket. Everyone went nuts during NIN. Reznor performed behind a screen showing a time lapse of a fox decomposing while singing ‘you make this all go away.’ I’ve been to many concerts since then. None of them come close to the amount of danger experienced and weirdness seen that day.


Now, all we need is for Puddles to cover it.

And not like

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Is this NIN song a response to the Talking Heads?

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I thought you were 15.


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Classic NIN: incredible production, impeccable mood, deft arrangement, horrible awful vocals. :confused:

Actually This Must Be The Place was the response to Road to Nowhere


Which must have been a response to the question “Where does that highway go to?” in “Once in a Lifetime”!

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Which in turn was a response to “I feel in love with a beautiful highway” in “Nothing But Flowers”!!!

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What the ever-living fuck? That sounded like a guy on ludes tuning up. Is Reznor heavily invested in downers these days?

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