Trent Reznor performing Fantastic Voyage and Fashion on Bowie birthday tribute

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Small typo- Maandig, not Maanding

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Well…now I want Trent and Atticus to put out a whole album of Bowie covers.

FWIW, I cherish this version of Life on Mars?


Right? Would kill for that on vinyl.

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I found out about the show last week and bought tickets. It was pretty damned awesome.

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Man! This and his contributions to the Soul soundtrack
Soul soundtrack on Spotify via Twitter (thanks Jason)

My take on Trent is that his music has favored the idea of transformation through sample and amalgamation to create something. Public Enemy do this to I feel. A synth line is both musical and ‘the sound of a synth’, vocals, guitar and percussion etc. all seem at the same level… deconstruction if you will.

Always prick up my ears when I’m going to hear anything from TR.

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Seem’s appropriate to post this Bowie & Reznor collaboration

I’m afraid of Americans

Source: I’m Afraid Of Americans from the album Earthling 1997 Bowie, Reznor, Eno. Video found on Youtube, uploaded by wirytangent19 2012 05 20

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…And, it’s gone.

Off topic:

I have like a two day queue for stuff to watch from BB. That’s for the good stuff. I also have a longer queue for less interesting stuff that I’m pulling off the stack in order. Currently at about mid-year 2017 on that one. About 2/3 of the links still work for those.

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