Listen to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross's minimalist cover of David Bowie's "Life on Mars?"

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“Life on mars” seemed appropriate. Although “Heroes” would also work well.
On an only slightly related note, I only just discovered the “peteypedia”, a series of documents to accompany each episode. It is an interesting attempt to emulate the documents at the beginning of each issue of the original comic. Like the original, it really adds some nice background.


That’s really nice. Come to think of it, there really haven’t been many covers of this song that I haven’t liked…in addition to being a truly great pop song, it seems to have a quality that supports a variety of interpretations.

I’ll always come back to the Bad Plus’s excellent versions, such as this live one (awkward introductory remarks aside):


I’m just so darn happy with Watchmen so far, and the soundtrack is great. Thrilled that they got this show so right. And so keyed into what’s going on in society right now. Very affecting, has been my experience, from the first scene of the first episode onward.


(spoiler-y) Well I was really liking it until the 7th episode, now I’m not so sure. I am skeptical of their reversing Dr. Manhattan’s character arc of increasing disinterest in humanity.

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I’m fine waiting to see how they tell that story in the next episode. I’m not sure if you caught the preview, but it seems to be a focus.


Dr. Manhattan always had a thing for the ladies, even as he was whining about his disinterest in humanity. I don’t find it implausible that he (at least partially) returned to Earth shortly after “abandoning it” to, well, get laid. Maybe he always kept a portion of himself behind, for this very purpose. I wouldn’t personally see that being a “jumping the shark” moment in the Dr. Manhattan storyline. Seems totally in-character, actually, IMHO.

The thing is, we all can read so much into these characters based on what we ourselves bring to the reading. What may be implausible for you might make perfect sense to me. I’m generally OK with this, but I do hope in this case it doesn’t put you off of what has been an absolutely exceptional, dare I say important, TV series thus far.


I’m not so much saying that it won’t be good or that I won’t like it but…I found that contrast with the original source material jarring. After all Dr. M’s slowly growing estrangement with humanity was one of the central themes of the original.

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But enough to totally prevent him from being led around by that… well, blue thing he leaves hanging out and is literally led around by? :wink:

In the books Laurel occupied an ever smaller portion of his interest over time. And when that tenuous link was severed he lost his remaining interest in humanity writ large. OTOH, I like a lot of what they HAVE done. I liked the back story for looking glass, and the AA-like group sessions for those effected by the psychic blast. There is a LOT to like. I just hope that they do Dr. M justice.


I guess we’ll see, but it wasn’t clear to me that he returned to Earth just to get laid. It seemed like there were higher stakes of some kind involved, hence the need for him to forget who he was.

Anyhoo, regarding the soundtrack, that is a high point and I was meaning to buy it, or ask someone to buy it for me for the winter shopping exchange festival. But then I see they’ve chosen to release it as Three! Separate! Albums! for £30! EACH! (at least on vinyl). That is some bullshit right there Trent.


Why did he come back IS the big question to be answered next week. Just because I can’t figure out a good reason does not mean that the writers can’t. I hope to be impressed that they have come up with a good answer because the writing on this show has been good. Of course my speculation is that Adrien Veight was what landed on the farmer’s land a few episodes ago. Perhaps he also wants to be made into big blue.

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