Wrapped: magical short film about mutant monster ivy that engulfs New York City


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Give me a shout when they have one of New Jersey being wrapped in green, I’ll grab some popcorn for that.


Batman takes one day off and that crazy redhead has a damn field day.


Any fans of classic science fiction out there who like this idea, try and scrounge up a copy of Ward Moore’s novel Greener Than You Think.


Ivy; Ivy, everywhere…


Very nice, although I don’t like the ‘aggressive’ explosion, destructive thing at the end, point could have been made by still taking it ‘slow’. Thanks, missed that one.
Remembers me about a ‘photo-serie’ seen a while ago (2008 or something) about what happens to cities when left by man. How fast they will be overgrown.
Can’t find it, anybody?


maybe this TV series?


Thanks. Maybe, I can’t remember being it a series and only do remember the green. But memories… Have had a while a background of a nearly completely overgrown city. :wink:


So it just killed everybody? Just like it killed mousie? I think I’m going to cry.

Wait, then who was playing those violins?


It’s not the specific thing you’re asking for, but anything on Artificial Owl with a “Detroit” tag oughta do it. http://www.artificialowl.net/2008/09/abandoned-detroit-public-schools-book.html That whole site should be much more popular than it is.

Also, yeah, the explosions were a bit on the nose, but they were well rendered, so I liked them.

Seriously, check this site out. It’s got all kinds of really interesting stuff from around the globe.


Seems a great site, thanks.
Do you know this one? Abandoned places


Looks like the Wumps have become more…assertive in their technique




It’s at Project Gutenberg.



Art must survive.




For fans of shlocky horror of the 80’s there is also the segment from the film Creepshow, “The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill”

Which not only features malevolent moss, but also demonstrates a compelling reason why Stephen King did not have an acting career to speak of.


Also Kudzu but irrelevant


You ever get the feeling that comic book artists are:

  1. Sexually frustrated
  2. Ignorant as to female human anatomy and how it actually works.