Nobody is happy in the first trailer for Avengers: Endgame


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Spoiler alert?

More like “what the fuck is this shit?” It had literally zero emotional weight because there’s no fucking way they are going to make this permanent - not when most of those characters have upcoming movies in their name. I was just left wondering what kind of convoluted bullshit plot device will be used to undo the ending in future films.


Everyone but Ant Man. That guy’s fanboy happy to see Steve Rogers.

But - who wouldn’t be?


If they wipe out half of the population, who is going to be left to watch the movie?


You’re… not really a fan of the whole “comic book” thing, are you? This is par for the course in the genre.


C’mon, now… that’s kinda a big well-known factoid, especially given the viral reactions to the first film, and all the hoopla and memes ever since.

At a certain point, people who don’t want to be spoiled until they see the movie should just avoid topics about said movie, until they can actually watch it.

Real talk.

Though it is true to the source material, movies are NOT comic books, nor should they be structured the same way, IMO.

They have a different kind of resonance with the audience because it’s a completely different medium.

I can read about Superman or Wolverine dying a hundred different times and it will never affect me as deeply as if I watched Christopher Reeves or Hugh Jackman in their respective roles die on screen repeatedly.


Yeah, but we’ll still watch it.
Some more excitedly than others, granted.

I’m more annoyed by the trend of early trailers and their “Wait six more months, bitch!” vibe. :grin:


Of course I will.

But will I pay for it this time?

That is the question.

The flagrant attempts to emotionally manipulate the viewers (for maximum profit!) is what irks me most, frankly.


That’s a good question. I tend to wait a while for the free option… I watched the new Blade runner in the cinema because I figured it needed it, but superhero movies not so much.


Hey - Aunt May will finally be able to afford an apartment in Manhattan.

Even if there’s no one left to do trash collection. The world will be just trying to keep the lights on and the water running after this.


I can respect that take. For my own part, I just enjoy watching the characters as I’ve come to know them deal with events and relationships. The realism or permanence of the events are kind of peripheral to that enjoyment for me.


I’ll pay to see Into the Spiderverse in theaters, because I’ve personally been looking forward to that one for years, literally… but I think I’m gonna stream everything else until after and including IF: Endgame.

That’s how I feel about corporations trying to ‘play with my emotions’; I’ll play with their money… by not giving them mine.


This is a movie, not a comic book. I could theoretically take a dump on a napkin and have it adapted into a movie - doesn’t mean I want to get shit smeared on me after watching it.


I… don’t see how that is relevant to our discussion, but okay.


Who could miss SpiderHam?

I’m a sucker - I’m watching this when it comes out in the theater. I didn’t watch all the movies leading up to here just to miss the end.


I don’t believe in ‘sunk costs’; let someone piss me off enough, and I will walk away, no fucks given.

But on the brighter side, this topic does give me a prime opportunity to post a meme I’ve been saving for just the right time:


Steve Rogers is very pretty.


Not just par for the course, but part of the fun.


And he knows how to punch a Nazi.