Review: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

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I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, and agree with the review too. It’s very well done, and sets up what looks like a quite interesting third part which I expect will dovetail quite well with the overall “Infinity Wars”.

I also quite appreciated the overall wink at some of the dark side of the freewheeling 70’s adults, the narcissism and accompanying negatives to now be overcome.

It also sets the stage for one of my favorite lesser-known Marvel characters, who was quite ambivalent and also had a compelling mirror-image villain.


Aaaaaahhhh! I’m going to see it tonight!



I was really hoping this would be as good as the first one. Every review I see spends more words to say essentially what Rob did. I keep hearing it’s better, more complex, and too worth seeing to spoil with details.

I’m just about ready to shit my pants in anticipation. I probably won’t see it till next week. I’ll be trying to wait to see it with friends. But I’m gonna end up seeing alone before I can line that up.


Not gonna read the article, but would love to see more film discussion threads!


it’s a no-spoiler review! No danger clicking Show Full


Essentially spoiler-free review:
It wasn’t as good as the first one. It was still worth seeing for the visuals and action.

I never felt the characters were at any real risk - every fatal blow was just a bump. I suppose it’s a superhero movie, but the first felt like some really tough guys in a tough situation. This one feels like a party of morally ambiguous Superman & Superwoman proxies.

The characters also are frankly mostly the bad guys. They murder and steal with impunity. When the protagonists are antiheroes, that can work for me. When they’re held up as heroes, it pisses me off.

I’m still glad I went to see it opening night :slight_smile:

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Good performances all round, particularly Michael Rooker & Karen Gillan. Would agree with, it’s a very enjoyable popcorn movie that does the feels well. There are some fun cameos as well, but this is spoiler free so that’s all I’ll say about them.


I’ve discovered that there is a backstory linking all these Marvel universe stories together. Every one of these stories is about the recovery of some kind of stone (of which there are 7 or 8 ) and these stones represent unimaginable power to the owner who is able to get them all together. There was a hyper cube in the Captain America movie that was one of them, there is the stone in the first Guardian film. There may be others that were released to the theaters that I haven’t seen yet. Spiderman?

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Your late to the party. Comic geeks recognized this from the introduction of the tesseract in. I dunno it was Thor or Captain America. Marvel has essentially confirmed it at this point. And the first guardians included an explicit explanation of what the infinity stones were.


Good to know; I’m taking my kid to see it on Sunday.


There are six stones. Five have been seen.

One showed up in Captain America, the end credits of Thor, and the first Avengers movie.

One showed up in both Avengers movies and Civil War.

One showed up in Thor: The Dark World.

One showed up in Guardians of the Galaxy.

One showed up in Doctor Strange.

One is at large (but I have not seen GotG2 yet).


Quick question…do I need to sit through the credits for extra footage? We leave in a few, and it’s 6:50 pm Pacific time.

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Every movie since Iron Man has had one; I’d say it’s a safe bet.

ETA: I looked it up, and there are apparently five post-credit scenes.


I stand informed. Thanks. I was wondering why it hadn’t been pushed out (as it were) with a whole lot of hype, but then I realized that not a whole lot of the Marvel universe is explained…


Yeah early on it was just fairly oblique fan service. But since the “phase two” set of moves its been increasingly explicit. With the last major cross over movie basically just laying it out. Throwing a confirmation of one of the nerdiest, most comic booky major story lines in marvel history out there.

Its been fun to see that grow out. The Marvel movies have been a slow burn of carefully getting the American public hooked on the wonkier bits of comic book writing. You start with Robert Downey Jr doing a charming turn as a standard hero in a sexy robot suit. And by the time the first Guardians comes along. You end up seeing a god damned Celestial on a full size movie screen.

Comics are weird. And Marvel’s got some of the weirdest comics. And they seem to mostly be interested in some how selling that weird to everyone at a profit.

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It was great. Really enjoyed it. Other comic movies take note:

  1. You can have a simple story, or a more complex one (vol 1 vs vol 2), just make it make sense and one can forgive some of the over the top action.

  2. You can include COLOR and not darken everything out, and still have it be believable. Comics are colorful, stop muting the films.


This movie was great. A fun ride.
Here you see the difference between Marvel and DC, in comics as well as in movies. DC makes the mistake of taking itself far too serious and getting all edgy and grimderp while Marvel is aware that they basically sell stories about superpowered men in tights and they run with it and have fun with it!
DC: "Everything is terrible and dark and we want to be taken serious. Heroes have to be extremely sad and broken to be realistic! Take us serious! Listens to Linkin Park while masturbating itself to sleep, weeping, alone"
Marvel: "Excelsior everybody! How about we go on an adventure today? Lean back, buckle up, lets have some fun! Winks knowingly"
Also the soundtrack was amazing. So much classic rock and pop. This is the first film in a very long time where I actually consider getting the soundtrack.


Yes. Stay to the very end.

Meanwhile, I must say the art direction for the end credits is fabulous. It reminded me of many old LP album covers from my childhood.


none of them are worth being stuck in the parking lot.