New Captain Marvel trailer? New Captain Marvel trailer!

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Also, Nick Fury fucking loves kitties.

Careful with the interdimensional “cat” (aka: Flerken)


Did the dialogue seem a little under baked to anyone else?


SPOILER: That cat later scratched his eye out, robbing Fury of the ability to completely trust anyone or anything ever again.

It’s one of the darker Marvel origin stories.


Really loving where this is going. Even the very obvious bait and switch that Jude Law and the Kree are very very bad indeed.


So, I’m a little bit behind on MCU continuity, having yet to see Thor: Ragnarok, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Ant-Man and the Wasp, but: Nick Fury has hair? And two eyes?


You have a bit of catching up to do, but you’re in for a treat.


First: get caught up you are missing the best of the films in their universe.
Second: This film takes place in 1995. So it is pre- whatever the event is that costs Fury his eye. Speculation is it happens in this film.







Still waiting for the reveal that the woman on the bus really was just a little old lady and Captain Marvel had an Austin Powers-style comedic mixup.



I’ve been binge-watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is supposed to be Marvel Cinematic Universe (?), though everyone (like in BoingBoing) is forbidden to say the M-word, using Inhumans instead.
So it makes sense to me that Captain Marvel (and Jude Law) are adoptive-Kree, not full-blood with blue skin and all, or is blue skin also a fine point that Marvel is not allowed to share with ABC?
ETA: rewatched the trailer, and I can now see past the CGI-generated lens flare that her Kree team are in fact, blue-skinned.

I’d really have to recommend it, as I have a renewed and strengthened respect for agent (and acting S.H.I.E.L.D. director) Philip J. Coulson now. In fact, most of the main characters on that show have gone through enough B.S. to warrant superhero status.
Bonus: 4th season Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider, one of the better storylines in the series.

Really looking forward to 2019’s MCU.


Nick Furry.

Which is why her Kree uniform is the awful forest green of that era.


She appears to have more powers than other Kree in the MCU (for example, Ronan the Accuser couldn’t fly or shoot energy blasts) so I assume there’s some additional explanation for her superhero schtick?

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It’s beginning to look like the original Mar-Vell origin has been shelved. Dang.

Ronan the Accuser and the other Kree in Guardians of the Galaxy are Blue Skinned. That’s pretty much the reason they’re showing up on Shield, Movies already introduced them that way.

In the comics there’s a whole thing about Blue Kree vs Pink Kree (who look human) with the pink being hybrids or genetically modified. The Blue Kree often being, well Blue Supremacists who view themselves as the only True Pure Kree. Who worship their leader (The Supreme intelligence) as a God. Strict class divide, Pink Kree as workers/cannon fodder and all that.

I assume that’s the zealotry Ronan was described with in Guardians. Plus he’s supposed to be in this, so there should be plenty of over the top Lee Pace and Blue people.

They seem to be going with the whole genetically engineered Kree Hybrid as weapon thing for Captain Marvel’s origin, which is also a thread from the comic. IIRC that’s how the Inhumans came about as well, and there are more than a few Kree sleeper agents/super weapons of other sorts hanging around.

The strict separation between TV and Films was apparently not the plan originally. And there were plans to include Daredevil and the other Netflix characters as late as Avengers: Infinity War. So its still something they look at. Like legit plans not just rumors. Most of those actors are still contracted for movies even as their shows get cancelled.

Unfortunately Marvel TV is the department they pigeon holed Ike Perlmutter in. He’s human garbage. And Kevin Fiege, who’s largely responsible for how well the MCU is going, refuses to work with him. And threatened to leave if Perlmutter was allowed anywhere near the movies. So TV and Film won’t cross the streams for fear of a racist, old, Trump thumping, grope monster who probably controls too much Disney stock to be pushed out.

The mutant thing is because Fox owns the rights to the X-men. Its not that the MCU is not allowed to share them with TV, its that Marvel Studios can’t touch them all. Fox makes the Xmen movies and Mutant TV shows, and Marvel’s only involvement is via logo in the credits. But the Disney buy out of Fox is nearly finished so that may be changing. And Inhumans are likely going on the back burner given how hard the “Mini-series” ate it.

I absolutely love that they went with a 90’s Chevy Cavalier paint scheme n over the original comic Kree uniforms.

It’s been shelved and brought back about a dozen times over the characters history. She’s one of those characters that’s been retconned so many times she doesn’t really have a 100% clear canon origin. From what I understand the comics just aggressively retconned again in hopes of hitting on something that makes sense and will stick.


You ain’t kidding! Glad she at least gets her own (potential) blockbuster.


I like Daredevil and all but I’m not sure how “blind guy who punches people and has a super duper sense of smell” would make a discernible difference in a battle between actual gods.