Captain Marvel Trailer is here


Captain Marvel's first trailer is here and it looks promising

Seeing as Brie Larson is awesome, yeah, I’m in.


So it’s to be a Skrull invasion plot then? Not my favorite baddies, but the trailer looks good. Does anyone know how it fits into the timeline? NF has two eyes; did he get a bionic replacement, or does this take place prior to the Avengers movies?

And where the heck was this Julie Andrews .gif when I needed it yesterday for the Mary Poppins topic?



This one?



This takes place back in the 90s (thus the Blockbuster Video). They de-aged Clark Gregg and Sam Jackson for the entire movie, and it looks like they pulled it off pretty convincingly.


beat me to it.

and @Tamsin_Bailey 100000% agreed.


Awwwww. March 8 is the current release date. Booo. Then Avengers 4 comes out the first week of May. Really wish they’d gone for an X-mas release for Cpt. Marvel, but we’ll survive the wait.

@nungesser: Yup, that looks like Samuel L from approximately 1997.


That looks good, i particularly like the score. Though i’m extremely ignorant of this character, i think she’s one of many captain marvels? I like that the trailer undercuts her heroism by showing her punch an ‘old lady’.


The old lady is a Skrull.

There have been many who had the moniker Captain Marvel, but there is only one Carol Danvers.


Marvel paying the licensing fee to use that location for the opening shot is probably the first time anyone made money off the Blockbuster Video brand in years.


Or maybe just a hilarious case of mistaken identity, a-la that scene from Austin Powers where he beats up Michael York’s mom.


uh. no. It’s a Skrull.


1996? I read it was before Dr. Strange’s movie.


Dr. Strange was definitely set after 1996.


I had been hoping for 1994, if only for the big reveal that the stolen briefcase actually contained an infinity stone.




In a scene, at the begining of the movie, Dr. Strange was picking up some cool medical cases. One of these cases was an USAF officer who had an accident. Some people speculated it was a reference to Captain Marvel.

Ok, it could be just a fanboy theory or I am wrong again and just imagined this scene (just like the time I saw Patrick Stewart hugging two pugs in a scene of Dune, when there was only one dog).


[Me too…because that would be awesome.]


He was using a smartphone in that scene. Not to mention various other references (modern laptops, Wong listening to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” a passing reference to the Avengers, etc) that set Doctor Strange solidly in contemporary times.


Not to mention the rather new Lambo he crashed in:

For comparison, here’s their most iconic 80’s offering:
It’s all jaunty angles and bolt-on parts.