The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, ranked



Well, #1 is already one of the most mediocre, overhyped of all the Marvel movies to me. I didn´t even finish it. Iron Man 3 on #3, easily the worst of the three.
I also much preferred Ang Lee´s Hulk to the ones that came after it, but I seem to be alone with that opinion.

We´ll have to agree to disagree on this one.


This isn’t even remotely close to how I would rank them, but I also largely hate superhero movies (TV shows are even worse), so I don’t think my opinion really matters.

The only reason I even know Chris Evans by name (as opposed to “that one guy who plays Captain America”) is because of Snowpiercer.

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I look forward to carefully crafted diatribes about how can be wrong with one’s opinion!


Personally, I rank Thor much higher - it’s the only one that truly understands the absurdity of its own premise and manages to contain it properly; it’s really interesting to me that The Green Lantern movie - which I also like a lot more than pretty much everyone else in the world - which came out at pretty much the same time, also attempted the “OTT alternate universe vs contained base-under-siege” story, albeit nothing like as well as Thor.

And I also think that Avengers Assemble (as I will insist on calling it, since here in the UK The Avengers has a rather different franchise attached to it) is somewhat overrated. Whilst Whedon’s dialogue is great, and most of his character arcs work, the film is unable to decide if it’s actually meant to be an action movie or not. Someone noted that it’s one of the few blockbuster superhero movies that can be watched on a tiny screen (eg on a plane or a phone) without feeling as though you are missing anything much.

But in general, ranking things like this is obviously a fool’s errand. Which is why I guess some of us like doing it so much…

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When I hear his name mentioned it always takes me a few seconds to realise they’re not talking about the British Chris Evans


Wait, that ISN’T the guy who plays Captain America?!?


I really enjoyed “Thor”, but then I probably cut it a lot of slack because of its director. I just love the idea of a bunch of producers saying, “This Thor guy, he talks like one of them Bill Shakespeare characters… Kenneth Branagh’s done some Shakespeare movies that turned a profit… GET ME BRANAGH!”

Thanks for the heads-up about some of the one-shots I missed, “To the Internet!”


[quote=“Scurra, post:5, topic:54414”]
Someone noted that it’s one of the few blockbuster superhero movies that can be watched on a tiny screen (eg on a plane or a phone) without feeling as though you are missing anything much
[/quote]Says everything you need to know about the film: an uncinematic, workmanlike springboard for Whedon’s Sorkinesque dialogue, and nothing more.

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Yeah, it’s almost unwatchable on a bigger HDTV. It looks like they used video game CG from 5 years prior to render the space worm thingy. So distractingly bad that I have no idea what the worm thingy was called.

I wish it were :frowning:

I’ve never been a Captain America fan and that might just make the experience of sitting through a Captain America film bearable for me :slight_smile:

Why has Ken Branagh turned into a jobbing director?

Surely he could be doing something more interesting? (lIke live-action Cinderella, FFS)

I almost expect to see him turn up directing a Bond film soon.

As far as the films go, I’m still waiting for a Warren Ellis-penned Nextwave movie. Actually, no. No, I’m not. For some reason I’ve watched all these films (mostly from the library), and I am bored to death of them. I liked Avengers and IM 1, that was about it. GotG had a good soundtrack.


I’ve not seen Winter Soldier yet, so I can’t comment there, but my favorites out of this list were Iron Man 1 and 3 (2 was just downright horrible), Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America and Avengers.
That One Shot with Ben Kingsley was great, never even knew those existed, so that alone made my day!

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I think your spell check has defeated you. Last I checked they didn’t cast a personified version of now Microsoft communication technology as a part of the MCU.


Agents of Hate cracked me up. I was interested in the upcoming Antman movie when the rumours made it sound like “Irredeemable Antman”.

As for Kenneth Branagh’s Ian Flemming’s Doctor Nay, “Forsooth, my name is Bonde, Jaccimo Bonde… Give me a butt of malmsey, shaken not stirred…”

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If you grew up in the 70’s having watched the goofy Spider-man tv show and the two Captain America made for TV movies and Ferigno’s Hulk and Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman these movies, with all their flaws, are quite the treat. The shared universe is pretty brilliant and I think is being executed impressively for the most part. Since Superman I it’s been an up and down ride with these decades of super-hero movies and it’s nice to see them coming together in the right ways. I gave up superhero comics back in the late 80’s so these movies are my comic books now.


It’s interesting that half of my friends thought that Guardians of the Galaxy was tons of fun and hilarious, while the other half thought it was disgusting and complained about its total lack of humor.

I also noticed that half of my friends hated it because Star-Lord was a womanizer, and they hated having a douche as the “main character”. The other half loved the movie because they saw Rocket Raccoon as the main character.


You beat me to it. :slight_smile:

You’re right about CA:TWS being the best and Avengers being #2, and wrong about just about everything else. IM3 being the best of those three, and GotG below it? Ugh.

I can’t say I’ve heard of any of these one-shots. Are any of them readily available on Youtube, or is it necessary to go digging for them?

I really didn’t care for Thor at all; it felt like no one really knew how to build a plot around the character. Then he goes and beats up a big metal guy. Yawn.

Ang Lee’s Hulk actually tried to do something different, which is probably why we have no chance of seeing anything remotely like it ever again. Oh well.

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