‘The Marvels’ bombs with worst MCU opening yet

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It’s a bummer that the all female lead movie was the one that was going to bomb. I have zero interest in the movie but it’s not about the leads of characters, i’m just tired of watching Marvel stuff and i haven’t even watched the last batch of movies they’ve released since maybe the last Spiderman movie or Black Panther or Dr Strange (whichever was the latest of those). And for the shows i haven’t watched most of them, i just don’t have the time or energy to watch it all.


Check back at year end to see just how much $ was lost…I suspect the film will get to 200 M eventually, just not in opening weekend. Everyone wants to make 100 M in one week, I get it…


Yes, and inevitably the studio executives will take the wrong lesson from this and decide that the financial failure of this film was a result of giving women the lead roles.

The production budget, including promotion, was reported to be $274M, so even $200M would still be considered a financial failure. [Edit to add: I just read that the total box office take would need to be about $450M for the studio to break even. Ouch.]

Maybe the film is good, I don’t know, but in the previews I just saw a bunch of CGI people shooting energy beams out of their hands at each other and that kind of action hasn’t really interested me in a long time now.


The reactionary bigot average nerdy incel will laugh too.


I saw it Friday. I actually liked it. It’s way better than either Quantumania or Thor: Love & Thunder. And Iman Vellani stole every scene she was in, which was almost every scene.

That’s ridiculous. First of all, there was almost no promotion for this film because of the SAG-AFTRA strike. The trailers were all over the place in tone, so no one, including me, had any idea what this movie was going to be about or what it was going to be like. I went in with pretty low expectations and was pleasantly surprised by a decent and fun movie. It’s not the MCU’s best by a long shot, but it’s not its worst either. Loki season 2 just concluded and was amazing, and it’s being widely praised by both fans and critics. Make good shit, people will watch it.


Two best marvel properties in the last few years were both female led: Wandavision and She-Hulk Attorney at Law. I stopped watching the last Dr. Strange about halfway through b/c I was bored. I want to attempt to watch the last Thor movie but haven’t been motivated enough. First season of Loki was good will probably watch the second soon.

I’m largely burnt out on super hero anything, but I want t to watch the spiderverse movies.


I hope the movie does grow legs at the box office like Elemental did. Critics are kind of meh on it, and all the news is about how it underperformed in ticket sales, but audiences have been very receptive. 85% verified audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and, anecdotally, all the people I know who saw it to a one have gone on about how fun, funny, and enjoyable the film is.


Yup, totally sucks that the neckbeards were given that ammo


Exactly. Six months of doom-mongering Youtube videos which trended into mainstream media. This is a fun movie, frankly, just what the MCU needed. Not every movie needs to be Endgame. Not that it will matter in the end, but this will be the first MCU movie I’ll have seen twice in the theater.


I realize it might still be a loss, but not THAT much of a loss that it will end a franchise, etc. I have no idea how Disney would do their full accounting of a film, if you factor in merchandising and streaming sales, and any other peripheral revenue, etc, I’m still going to bet it breaks even eventually.


This is the consensus I’ve been hearing, and a lot of folks are wondering why it was being treated like a bomb even before it released. It seems like the press is grabbing any bad news (they reshot the ending or tweaked it or something) and running with it, and if the movie doesn’t exceed expectations, they reinforce the narrative.

Sounds like a fun film. Light and fluffy. Just what was needed after so many heavy stinkers like the Ant-strange Man of Quantum Multiversal Sadness.

Agree on the first, disagree on the second. I thought She-Hulk was disjointed and lacked any clear narrative plot. It was ok, not great. The other great property has been Loki, which just concluded a stunningly good second season and I adore everything about it.


The superhero genre is so oversaturated that there are at least three separate franchises satirizing the genre on Amazon Prime alone (The Boys, The Tick and Invincible). There are still new gems here and there but it would be nice to see Hollywood branch out a bit more.


I saw it in Toms River, New Jersey, and while the theater wasn’t packed, it wasn’t empty either, and the audience really did seem to enjoy the film. It wasn’t just me.


Saw it yesterday and it was fun, well done and well worth seeing. It’s too bad there were only 10 people in the theatre.


I saw it on Sunday in an mostly empty theater. The movie was solid. Pretty funny in parts. The problem is the Theater.

The worst part of the experience was that the actual movie started 30 minutes after the posted time. 30 minutes of advertisements and trailers for a 100 minute movie is absurd waste of time.

Folks I can see trailers on the internet now whenever I want and I’ll still excuse a few trailers but the ads are outrageous these days. Theaters need to change. We accepted spending 5x the price on concessions but now wasting half an hour for me to sit though ads is it for me.


the ending was just perfect and beautiful. hadnt expected that.


Wandavision is one of the best TV shows of all time, in my opinion. It’s brilliant.

People freaking hated She Hulk, which I don’t get. I thought it was a lot of fun. Smart, funny, didn’t take itself too seriously.

I liked the first season of Loki too. We started watching the second season recently, and I’m having a hard time getting back into it.


I agree. Loki is my favorite Disney made Marvel show and I hope there isn’t a season 3 because that would ruin how great that ending was.


It’s a shame because I enjoyed it a lot more than most recent MCU stuff. The theater was mostly empty, but pretty much everyone there had a good time and the comedy landed.