New Captain Marvel trailer? New Captain Marvel trailer!



So much senseless property damage. THAT is why you never give ten-year-olds superpowers.


Someone wants to have a conversation with you about that…


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That’s probably the biggest stinker. But her continuity is a mess. Until the 00’s she was probably best known as a comatose guilt prop for one of the X-men. And she remained Ms. Marvel until the 00’s. Something that was originally a some what bold feminist statement as she wasn’t Miss or Mrs. Marvel. But looked increasingly backwards as time moved forward and the original Captain Marvel all but disappeared from memory. It’s really only the last 15 years or so that the Character had much following at all.

And the entire series of characters was only created to jack the Captain Marvel trademark from Fawcett/DC for the sake of strengthening the Marvel trademark. So none of the Captain Marvels were ever really intended for regular publication. Aside from a stint in the Avengers in the 80’s, the characters never stayed in print for more than a couple years till we got the the latest push and name change for Carol. So its an extra special Gambit level mess.

Well Black Widow, who has neither super powers nor a super suit, seems to do just fine. Hawkeye they haven’t done well defeating the “wait how do arrows put you on the level of a Norse God?” feeling. But noone complains about Black Widow.

And Daredevil both has super powers, and is often portrayed as the single most talented non-Iron Fist martial artist in the Marvel canon. And TV Daredevil is a way better martial artist than TV Iron Fist. So Daredevil I can see them making it work.

I’d actually have a bigger problem believing they could make the others work. The scale of their powers is deliberately much smaller than anything in the movies. Very strong lady who jumps real high? A guy who’s just bullet proof. In concept Iron Fist would fit, but they wiffed so hard on that one that it wouldn’t work. I really think Daredevil was the only one out of them that stood a chance of working.

And Charlie Cox is the only actor from the shows thus far cancelled that Marvel has specifically called out as under contract, and under contract for movie appearances. So they seem to have the same take away.

The rumor was that the Defenders would be “ground level” protecting regular people in some way. To give that whole human element, oh the devastation angle. Potentially paired with Hawkeye to give him something to do. The official explanation from Marvel is that time was the problem. Since Marvel tries to give a brief introduction to each character in the team-ups. In case anyone didn’t see their solo projects. You eat up a lot of screen time with 4 new TV series characters to work in. You’re already adding Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and Ant-Man all of whom need an intro. And each one also brought secondary characters to cameo. So there was no time.

The real answer is apparently Perlmutter. The movie end will not do anything involving the TV shows unless he’s kept far away. And he’s apparently refused to do that.

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I gotta say… the bit where’s she flying around blowing up spaceships? Kinda got my pulse up. And I was starting to wonder how long I could still get excited about Marvel films.

One of the stories floating around is that she didn’t get generic Kree blood, but blood from some superhero Kree. Or something.

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I think I’d rather see a Daredevil/Spider-Man teamup for a story based in NYC rather than trying to shoehorn Daredevil’s character into an already-crowded intergalactic space opera.


Very much so.

I just think out of the TV heroes we’ve got he’d be the least likely to stick out like a sore thumb given he’s basically Black Widow with a penis and the ability to avoid getting hit by things.

I think given the ancient eastern mysticism involvement you could pair him up pretty well with Dr. Strange, given how much more compelling he was on that angle than Iron Fist. But there’d have to be some hint that Marvel knows what to do with Dr. Strange, and has any interest in a sequel there.

That would be a combo hard to surprise or sneak up on. A pair of swingers.


Also it would be kind of fun to have Daredevil instantly recognize Peter Parker as Spider-Man.

Peter: “How did you know it was me under the mask?”

Matt: “You’re wearing a mask?


This looks awesome, especially where they include Captain Marvel’s mohawk; I had some concerns about that.

Also, Kree are “hero-warriors?”


Tell that to some dude with a shitty 'tude named Ronan…


Or wimpy Kasius, S.H.I.E.L.D. villain who hides behind warriors and Kree technology to ensure his safety.

(actor Dominic Rains, aka Saeed “The Pimp”, from A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night)


I guess he probably saw himself that way.

“…we are the hero of our own story.”
—Mary McCarthy


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Just sayin’ when some strange new folks show up claiming to be the heroes it doesn’t hurt to take that claim with a grain of salt, maybe even get a second opinion from the last population they “liberated…”


Yyyyyyeah, that’s not a kitty.

I never knew she had trained in the Green Lantern Corps. <ducks>


In the '80s Rogue stole Carol Danvers’s regular Kree powers, and all her memories, and for some reason it was permanent, and Danvers got a new code-name and a bunch of other powers somehow.

I hope the movie is better than this trailer looks. Or, that is, I hope the movie is not just like all the other superhero movies, even though this trailer is just like all the other superhero movie trailers.


This is insanely brilliant.