Review: Guardians of the Galaxy 2


I’m not surprised no one has mentioned the Superman cameo


Yeah, that was the point. :wink:

It was good, though!

And for the record, I liked the song Brandy from a long time ago.

It is very rare for my brain to not nit pick at a plot point. It is even rarer where afterwards my brain doesn’t come back and go “why did this happen?”

I mean seriously, they should have a group of people each time a script is made to do this. Even run it through and RPG like setting for action movies. If you can’t get the plot to work organically with minor prodding, your story is bad.

But my point here is the story is solid. Thank you. All that wiz bang effects and decent jokes can’t fix a movie with a bad story.


Does anyone still remember the Assistant Editors Month? Could never had happened at DC.


I haven’t laughed so much at a movie for a long time. Baby Groot’s cuteness was nicely balanced by Rockets a$$holishness. Worth seeing in the theatre for the beautiful art and general happy atmosphere of the people there.
Expect to have fun, but not much more. Good movie to turn off your brain and just enjoy the ride.
Stay to the very end - it is worth it.


I had a hard time explaining to my kids why Thanos would go to all the trouble of annihilating half the universe including most of the Marvel heroes just to impress a girl. Seriously. This is the plot.

So when people try to convince you these comics are deep - perhaps pick them up and have a read. They’re no Saga.


Good popcorn flick, could have been better.
I liked it and I’m glad I got to see it on the big screen, but I felt the humor in the first part was not for me.
But hey don’t listen to me, Mrs Tachin says I’ve been moody this last week and she and Tachin Jr loved it.




The personal plots were thicker on the ground (and kudos for that), but never really meshed well. That said, I think the stakes given were higher, and, unlike the first film, I felt much less secure over who might not make it out alive.

Visually gorgeous, lots of fun (maybe too fun), lots of Easter Eggs and cameos (again, maybe too many), but definitely worth a look-see. Quite enjoyable.

Saw it in 3D (because of schedule), but aside from a few very brief bits, not sure if it added too much.


That is my opinion of just about every 3D movie I have seen. IIRC only an IMAX film about space really ever wowed me. I try to see regular when possible. At least they aren’t as dark as they were a few years ago.

  1. If your premise is ridiculous to begin with then just go ahead and embrace it instead of trying to make everything oh-so-serious all the time. “Gritty Realism” doesn’t work when your title character is a godlike alien who flies around in a cape and technicolor briefs.


If they actually go ahead with a Howard the Duck reboot, I hope Leah Thompson gets a shot at redemption.


Wait whaaaaat?!?!

I’d be the first in line to see it, no matter how terrible it might be.


Agreed. I’m rarely a 3D fan anyway (I find that after the first “ooh, it’s in my face” scenes, my brain gets used to it and I don’t notice anything different) but apart from a few scenes, the 3D isn’t dramatic or worth the upcharge on this one.

Other than that minor quibble, I loved GotG2, its humor, its heart, and all of the characters. As someone who’s a big Yondu and Rocket fan, this movie was wonderful.


I agree on the visuals. I also thoroughly liked most of the 3D, definitely worth it imho. Only in the last 20% it was all chaotically flying debris, which I don’t really Like in a 3d movie.

I also rather liked the banter, and the story was fine for the type of movie (forgettable popcorn fun).

The ‘friendship über alles’ theme was put on a bit too thick for my tastes, but that’s hollywood for you.


Oh there’s depth here an there. Most of it is poorly written nonsense. But the best of mainstream super hero comics have a bit of that depth wrapped up in deeply tongue in cheek, internecine, weird. Marvel seems to be more prone to running with that. Having fun with that. DC seems to like to make it self important, ignoring all the fun and faking depth with grim dark.

Thanos’ whole crush on death thing is stupid. Particularly in the early stuff. But its paid dividends as its become something of a running joke at Thanos’ expense. Even as its also still taken seriously as his actual motivation.

I think that’s a big part of why Marvel’s movies have been better recieved than most competing movies. As heavy as things occasionally get. These are not movies or characters that take themselves particularly seriously. And over time rather than shying away from all that complicated, dumb as rocks, comic book stuff. They’ve embraced it as wacky fun.


This. Times a billion. I’m so tired of desaturated, dark colors. Even Beauty and the Beast’s carefree early scenes were all dark and gloomy. GOTG2 was a nice departure from all that.


What @beschizza said!

I’d say if you have a certain film in mind, start a thread. A title template might be:

“FILM DISCUSSION WITH SPOILERS: film title and year here


Marvel even does grimdark better. Logan was dark, depressing and grim, with an extremely sad and broken hero, but actually was quite good. Granted, it wasn’t the same Marvel universe or production company as Guardians of the Galaxy, but all that means is that, judging from the recent success of Deadpool and Logan, Fox may finally be figuring out this superhero thing. Meanwhile, DC’s last well-received movie was The Dark Knight… way back in 2008. Ouch.


On the other hand DC’s animated stuff knocks it out of the park regularly but they can’t seem to make it work for live action at all.


Batman works with the “gritty realism” treatment because there’s nothing inherently fantastical about a deranged rich guy in body armor beating up bad guys with his fists. Most of the other DC characters not so much.