The new 'Avengers' trailer is pretty sick. Is it May yet?


May 1 in the US, July 4 here in Japan. May and June are going to be hell. Might just buy a ticket to the US to see this and Mad Max Fury Road (which has no release date in Japan).

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My smile is fit to crack my jaw. God damn, this is an amazing time to be a geek. I keep wanting to say more thoughtful things but my inner thirteen year old is just pinballing around going “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG”, especially knowing what’s coming over the next few years.

Never in the history of cinema has anyone attempted to maintain this many movies with interlocking storylines, especially with TV shows tied in. I almost feel sorry for the other companies in Hollywood - except they’ve made crap movies for so long, my sympathy is limited.


This definitely has an Empire Strikes Back vibe going for it.


It doesn’t seem much different from the previous one. It actually seems to provide less information.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m very excited for the movie, but this trailer didn’t do it for me.


Less information and more excitement-building is okay. We don’t want to know the entire plot and see most of the good scenes before the whole thing is out.

(A glimpse of The Vision would have been nice though.)

He not Ultron 5 any more?

Meh, I’m not feeling it. I’m over the moon for Fury Road and cautiously optimistic for The Force Awakens, but even though I enjoyed the 1st Avengers (as well as the first Captain America, one of the Hulks, the first couple of X-Men, an Iron Man or two, and Guardians of the Galaxy), I’m so burned out on all the goddamned superheroes in spandex that I just can’t give no more shits about any of those guys.

As far as comic book characters go, wake my geek-boner once Preacher starts on AMC.

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