Marvel's Secret Invasion trailer drops, teases epic storytelling and stellar visuals

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Seemed interesting from that trailer. If that’s all I have to go on, I’ll watch it. Maybe. Might be a little late to that party since we’ll be moving around the same time, but I’ll catch up with it soon enough.


I wonder how much Disney turning to its television shows to build up (and reshape) the MCU is hurting the box office for the movies (e.g. the latest Ant-Man, using Kang after he was introduced on a show). It was one thing to have to go see all the previous movies to feel like you knew what was going on in the current one, but when they also start requiring watching all their shows (and most movie watchers aren’t subscribers), it can feel overwhelming, like you’ve already lost the plot, so why bother? (Plus, if you have to have a subscription to know what’s going on in the movies, you might as well wait for the movie to show up on that subscription service to see it…)


Not generally a fan of the MCU, but this one has a different feel to it. Darker and more menacing. There’s a chance I’ll watch it. My telcom recently threw in a two year subscription to Disney+, which there’s no way that I am renewing, so I need to watch everything I want now (which so far has been Andor).

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On a different comment section the other day, they asked the readers what MCU characters would be the most likely or funnest Skrull reveal. One commenter mentioned that all of Stan Lee’s cameos would be the perfect character(s) to reveal as having been the same character all along and now I’m going to disappointed if it’s not him. It would be the most fun way to wrap up all of his cameos and I’m sure he would have loved it.


Even with seeing him as a Watcher (or at least walks on their plane) in GOTG2 this could still work!


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