Ant-Man 3 drops 72% in its second week at the box office

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Well, shrinking is his thing after all.


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I am sure that the long tail on Disney+ and home video sales will provide them with a quantum of solace


It’s still going to be a huge money maker, but there’s no denying the last few crops of movies just haven’t excited me, and I’m a Marvel-stan of nearly the highest order. I rarely bother to go see them in theater now and wait for them to land on Disney channel.

They’ve lost the train of how to make a fun story with interesting characters, and seem to be leaning more into SPECTACLE. Which… boring!


Nobody wants to sit in a theater anymore, when you can just wait a few weeks and stream a movie. I mean, yeah, Marvel’s struggling right now but the whole concept of “going to the movies” has been withering.


Are you sure? They needed receipts to go to the moon, raking in profits.


Not just that. Maybe we will see the box office grow to 10x the first week’s next week?


One of the fun things about the first couple of Ant-Man movies was that the stakes (like the hero) were comparatively small compared to most Marvel movies. The key plot points came down to saving parent/child relationships rather than the entire country/planet/galaxy/multiverse, so we could enjoy them as zany superhero-powered heist movies without every other scene reminding us that a single misstep could end all life in existence.


The reviews have not been good. Even those involved admitted that “The Volume” (the same advanced live green-screen tech used so effectively in The Mandalorian) was mishandled in this movie.


I’ve been wondering that since folks have been showing off screen caps of the film where it looks like they’re intentionally making the lighting as dark as possible to avoid showing the flaws. I think more than anything, this is proof that the VFX houses need to unionize and stop the factory mentality at these studios. People need time off to rest, it’s no different if you’re being forced to slog through 12+ hours a day to meet an arbitrary release date for a film. If the VFX isn’t up to the demands then maybe it’s time that the studios focus on character development and reduce the VFX to the minimum needed. Not every action packed film needs to top the last one in visuals.


People got used to streaming during the pandemic. I think this is the new way that most movies are going to see their viewership numbers go. The die hards that want to see things in theaters will see it in the first week, and the rest of the population will wait until it comes out on one of the streaming services that they already pay for.


i saw what you did there


I hope they get the message. I’ve lost count of how many mediocre-to-bad films they’ve put out in the last couple of years.


So much visual OVERLOAD. So little caring.

And I am also a long-time Marvel fan with tens of thousands of comics to prove it (as my wife likes to keep pointing out). With the movies, I wait and see how they are received. For example, I have not seen the latest Thor movie even though it was supposed to be based on Jason Aaron’s Jane as Thor run, which I absolutely loved.


The Ant-Man movies are my favorites in the series, both because of the characters and also because of the stakes - not everything, always, has to be about saving the entire world. Sometimes, it can be just about saving your world.

It feels like they’ve taken the Ocean’s Eleven cast and had them do 2001: A Space Odyssey.

One part of it is, yes. It’s also taking a lot from the Gorr storyline which was ok. And it mixes in with MCU and then gets Taika’ed, which adds just too much silly over funny so you get Thor 3 but more slapstick. It wasn’t Thor 2, but it was more like Thor 1 - highly forgettable but not bad.


i really liked wakanda forever. a lot of the movie was focused on the characters, and those parts were great

( granted they could have dropped all the big battle scenes and it would have been even better. )


I do want to see it but honestly I have not been to a theater since 2019 and REALLY don’t want to. This is a “Call me when it is streaming.” moment.


Everything about this movie, as far as the trailers show, suggests that the story has strayed far from its roots. The first two films were about a relatively normal dude caught up in something much bigger than himself, and there was much fun to have playing with the scale of normal, everyday things with which the audience is familiar. This one? Bunch of sci-fi scientists getting caught up in an interesting looking sci-fi world where playing with scale is neither neat nor interesting.

That’s probably not what’s specifically driving most viewers away, though. The latter part about the bland world probably is. The only thing it seems to have going for it is that it’s another Marvel film that plugs into the larger story. Might as well wait until the next Avengers film where the stakes are high, all the characters are there, and every lead-up is on D+.

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