Video: How to levitate a screwdriver!


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That looks remarkably easy.

Safety glasses, please!


As a kid, I got a Johnny Astro Space Center for Christmas. Same deal, only way more fun!


Looks like the Bernoulli effect. You can do something similar with a hairdryer and a ping pong ball.

Yikes, I had one of those! Totally bad-ass.

Ditto that! Came in just to say it as well.


So I guess that’s what “levitate” means now.

Cool, improbable effect, yes. Magic? Supernatural? Is that in the Buzzfeed dictionary?

I had to run out to the shop and try it out. I was too lazy to crank up the pressure on the compressor, so I used smaller screwdrivers. It’s a little touchy with lighter-weight objects, but it’s something that I can show to my niece’s kids.

Yup, this is what levitation means.

Levitation (from Latin levitas “lightness”) is the
process by which an object is held aloft, without mechanical support, in
a stable position. –

Who said anything about magic or the supernatural? Not the author of the video, not (as far as I can tell) boing boing. You know those maglev trains in japan, the ones that are levitated via magnets? Those are not magic either!

Grumpy old professor is grumpy.

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