Watch things flying in compressed air

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I can make the sheets on my bed hover with flatulence. Crazy I know, but it’s my superpower.


Dude knows nothing about marketing. Break each item out into a separate video, add a logo and theme music at the beginning, 30 seconds of “like and subscribe” at the end, and bam, you’ve got a whole new channel.


Eurecka! Success for my venture – Compressed Airlines – is assured.


For anyone else wondering how this works when he’s pointing at it from the side/bottom corner, my 5 mins of research suggests the answer is “mumble something something Bernoulli’s principle I guess?”. Maybe.

The principle behind the trick is known as Bernoulli’s principle, and it states that states that as the speed of a moving liquid or gas increases, the pressure within it decreases. So at first, the screwdriver is pushed away from the source of the compressed air, but because the air stream is travelling faster than the air surrounding it, the pocket of low pressure it creates results in a kind of vacuum that keeps it stuck in the air stream. Which means that rather than flying off into the distance - or into one of NightHawk’s unprotected eyes - the screwdriver stays put, in mid-air, for as long as the compressed air is being funnelled through the machine.


Yup, they get caught in a slipstream. Stuck in a low pressure area where they’d have to push through the high-pressure flow to get back into the still air.

Same reason why two pingpong balls hanging from strings will suck together if you use a straw to blow between them.


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