Video: incredible Slinky skills


Ten thousand hours to mastery.

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Could be.

But I do have to add that Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour hypothesis, while very populist and appealing, is false in the aggregate.

With very few exceptions, deliberate practice correlated positively with
skill. In other words, people who reported practicing a lot tended to
perform better than those who reported practicing less. But the
correlations were far from perfect: Deliberate practice left more of the
variation in skill unexplained than it explained. For example,
deliberate practice explained 26 percent of the variation for games
such as chess, 21 percent for music, and 18 percent for sports. So,
deliberate practice did not explain all, nearly all, or even most of the
performance variation in these fields. In concrete terms, what this
evidence means is that racking up a lot of deliberate practice is no
guarantee that you’ll become an expert.

So, correlation, not causation. Expertise is more complex that just “practice 10,000 hours” - practice is important, but talent does play into the equation big time. Time to kill the “10,000 hours of practice makes you an expert” meme. (Think of how many “expert” internet posters there must be if that were true :-0 )

I developed a similar skill set while trying to give my cat a pill.


So thaaat’s what they’re for.
We spent all our stupid time rolling them down stairs and thinking it was a pretty boring toy.

This is cool enough that I can almost forgive the moniker “RainbowPoopUnicorn”.

Very cool and wonderful. Great rhythm!

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