Video: Jugglers perform Bach on Boomwhackers


Lightsabers ain’t got nothin’ on this!

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Okay, but where’s the fugue?

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Holy moly! The rehearsal must have taken forever! Pity Bach didn’t shift gears into 16th notes at all.

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The little mistakes and skips add to the enjoyment. Authenticity.

Also, listen to that while watching this. It works!

without hyperbole, this is

the part I really love is their methods for simultaneously setting themselves up to use the tubes later in the song. as a DJ, one who also uses double copies of most of my singles, this resonated with me since you have to keep track of several hundred plates all the time. you quickly learn to design a filing system and rigidly adhere to it. when you’ve got 30 seconds left on the record that’s playing, you go to grab the one you want to mix next and it isn’t in the crate or sleeve it should be, a few seconds later is when several hundred people quit dancing and stare at you. and then they start booing.

[not sure if anyone’s ITT anymore or if they care, but my method was: no records ever went into the paper dust jacket; that’s just an extra layer of BS you don’t have time for. if I had doubles of a single, they both went into one of the sleeves and then I separated them with an empty, backward-facing dust jacket between them. then the records were filed into crates by genre, and then front to back by BPM. for large genres, whole crates were divided by BPM range–for hip hop, a crate of crunk and etc below 90bpm, several by sub-genre for the 90bpm range as it was most common, then one over 100 that I would work up to once everyone on the floor was good and fired up. sleeves were never fully removed from a crate. once selected, the sleeve was upended diagonally–bookmark style–allowing access to the mouth of the sleeve without losing the place in the crate’s order. if you see a sleeve still up, then you know you’ve misplaced something and you can find it on your desk or mentally go back thru your set and figure out where you mis-filed it, which will save your ass]

anyway, mindful of all that, their methods were impressive to me, to say the least.


Yeah, if I was in that group I’d be “the guy that fucks it up all the time, why is he even in our group”.

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