Hypnotic synchronized juggling routine


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I can’t stop thinking about how long they must have had to practice together.


Not as much as you would think. When I was going to clubs and festivals regularly I could do about half of the non acrobatic stuff. Club passing is all kinds of fun. They are very very good though and did more than a few quite hard technical things.


Right, I can juggle but nothing like that.


Could it be “droogs” like friends maybe?


the music is Drugs, by Ratatat


I like how the foremost is in a tank top, the second in short sleeves, and the last in long sleeves. The contrast between their skin and the black is eye catching, so having less and less down the line makes the clubs stand out even more and really emphasizes how synchronized they are.


Ah, but can juggle in perfect time with two other people? I think that is the hardest part.


Keeping time is all in the pattern you are juggling mostly. I did say they were very good just probably not as much practice as one would think. More than I was ever willing to devote time to anyway. :slight_smile:


Well, that shows how little I know about juggling! I figured the timing would be really difficult.


Next week, tune in for the same routine, but this time the clubs are replaced by flaming, running chainsaws.

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