Video: Making a masterful cube-in-a-cube-in-a-cube tchotchke


Beautiful, though that’s a mighty big ‘dollop’.

I’m always impressed by people who can even visualize things like this. Making cube… In lathe… [Sound of brain crashing.]

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So I watched the video, and I still have no idea what just happened.

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Well, that was pretty b-o-r-i-n-g.


Ten minutes of high-quality machining porn!
And now I have a case of lathe-envy. The tiny desktop one I have would not cut it.


Not that impossible. Don’t visualise lathe as a cylinders-only thing. It can also do flat planes perpendicular to the rotation axis, aka facing (which was heavily used here). The rest was drilling, boring, and undercutting.

Could be likely programmed in OpenSCAD with ease, just from watching the operations. Start with a cube, and then subtract sets of discs from the faces.

And the sound could be worse - of tool crashing. Brain crashing is quieter and cheaper.

And I cannot decide if I should add or subtract points for the thing being all manual, not CNC. Most likely add, for the sense of appreciation of skilled machinist. The best CNC software cannot replace the feeling of the machine talking back to you, the subtle vibrations, the tactile feedback of the knobs and wheels as the tool bits bite into the alloy…


Nice work! That’s a nifty idea using the hot glue gun to hold it together for the final set of operations.

What does anyone suppose is the purpose of the piece of bar stock standing on the cross-slide?
Vibration damping maybe?

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Where? What minute:second and where on the frame?

In a number of shots, e.g. 5:56, 6:28, just behind the stencil saying “Bruns”.

Yes, I see. Looks like a block of something heavy. Maybe does some counteracting of the mechanical force on the tool bit to the slider, maybe serves as an inertial dampener. Just guessing here…

They’re pretty fun to make. But if I ever do it again, I’m not cutting the inner cubes free at the end. Nice show of skill and all, but I think they look cooler before that step.

But then you cannot fidget with them.

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So you can see the stencil better?

Rather to reduce the tool chatter, the part that comes from the slider play.

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