Watch a CNC lathe make a hollow spiral candlestick

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Extremely disappointed that the candlestick is not one piece. Are there any lathe experts out there that could explain why they did this in three pieces?


The larger diameter of your top and bottom pieces would mean your whole starting blank would be that width.

I am sure with how the cutter does the hollow cut/spiral work as well there are dimensional reasons to do it this way too.


Also, looking closer at the finished piece, it would be hard to get the edge on the top and bottom to look that way if it was one piece. Any cutting on the “connecting edge” of the top and bottom would be reflected back on the spiral center.

These machines fall under either a 3 axis lathe or a 4 axis mill (that isn’t using Y). I can’t help but look at how they are set up and being run and think 4 axis mills. Necker cube of machines.

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