Watch a laser cut this bowl from one thin sheet of wood

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How many liters of water can it hold?


This time of year, plenty. In summer, not so much.


Not in Seattle… But you could grow a good moss culture probably.


Whatever moves that cutting head in circles must be a very accurate machine.


CNC plotters are pretty awesome technology. I have access to a router table and a 450 watt laser table at work, once I learn how to use them. I’m looking forward to making them sit up and do tricks.

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450 watt! Whew, that’s…a lot!
I made this on a 100w co2 laser, using about 40w to cut through.
Having a laser 4.5 times more powerful would be… interesting:)

Incidentally, even though you totally can, I would not recommend cutting sandwiches with the laser. Just sayin’.

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Would the cut part be better supported if the cut was started in the middle of the spiral rather than the outside? It looks like the center part moves around during cutting.

Well, that’s how I did it when I first made it.
The video from Boss Laser is something they did on their own, without my involvement (other than the source files, of course).

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