Video: Man 3D printed a fingernail-sized working drill


Lance Abernathy 3D printed and assembled…

Without the hyphen in 3D-printed, I (briefly) read this guy’s name as Lance Abernathy 3D, which I think is an awesome idea. I don’t want anyone mistaking me for some paltry 2D facsimile of myself.


Not much useful in this form. But a nice gimmick, and possibly a good seed of an idea for something else. The little button battery and the vibration-grade cellphone motor are a useful combo. (For a while I hoped that there was actual printing of the magnetic/electric parts. One can dream…)


I wish there was dental drill sounds dubbed over the operation.

Smaller motors exist, but this is made of readily available parts.

I recently learned of the smallest motor made in 1960 by the Hale Telescope maintenance engineer Bill McLellan to beat Richard Feynman’s nanotech challenge…

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Here’s the previous record-holder, from 2009:

What is this, a drill for ants?


Not everything has to be useful. Just look at [INSERT LATEST VACUOUS “CELEBRITY” NAME HERE].

But didn’t you see what [INSERT LATEST VACUOUS “CELEBRITY” NAME HERE] had to say about Darfur??

This minidrill is actually more useful than all the celebrities together. If nothing else, it is fun to look at, and can be possibly rebuilt into something else and can be an inspiration for some application.

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Don’t be silly. It’s for elves.

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